A Complete Guide to Portugal: Europa Universalis 4

Europa Universalis 4 Portugal Guide

Portugal is a brilliant nation for any beginning player to Europa Universalis 4. Because of the countries geographic location, rivals are unable to attack you as a result of Castille (your neighbor) blocking you from mainland Europe.

But sometimes you may get overwhelmed with what to do in 1444, the starting year. I know I do. But don’t worry! In this article, we will be covering the Complete Guide to Portugal in Europa Universalis 4.

The strategy I will be displaying in this guide will be one that I have developed throughout many hours of gameplay. And I have found that it has a consistent outcome. That being, you become OVER POWERED as Portugal.

It will not only show you have to develop an economy, which provides you with so much money you don’t even know what to do with it. But also a military, which no other nation should be able to challenge.

Starting Moves – Europa Universalis 4 Portugal Guide

Before you even unpause the game, you should follow a set of steps to assure you have the highest possible chance of success.

Firstly, open the Estates Tab. This tab is located by clicking your countries flag in the top left, then clicking the rightmost button.

Here, you want to summon a diet. This can be done by clicking the middle of the 3 buttons, under ‘Crownlands’. Pick any of the 3 available options.

Next, you want to seize land. This button is located just to the right of the ‘summon the diet’ button.

Additionally, you want to assign privileges to the three estates; Nobility, Clergy, and Burghers. These are:


  • Oversight by the Clergy


  • Right of Counsel
  • Supremecy over the Crown


  • Free Enterprise
  • Private Trade Fleets (DLC Required)

These Privileges can be assigned by clicking the boxes below the Estates in the Estates Tab.

Europa Universalis 4 Portugal Guide

Trade – Sevilla Trade Node

Next, you want to open the trade tab. This can be done by clicking on your nation’s flag (in the top left) and is tab 5 from the left.

Click on the ‘Send’ button adjacent to Sevilla. Then select ‘Collect From Trade’.


Still, with the date on 11th November 1444, you have quite a few allies to choose from. On the starting date, you have an existing alliance with England, but this will not stick.

It is up to you if you want to break your alliance with England, but I highly suggest it. This is because an event takes place within the first few years, in which a war is fought between France and England. And at this stage, you don’t want to fight in any war against France.

Firstly, you want to Ally Castille, they will be a great help to you within the first 200 years or so. Next, you want to Ally Brittany (if you are able to).


The first thing you want to do in regards to your military is to lower its maintenance, as this strategy does not require you to go to war early game.

To do this, enter your economy tab. This is done by clicking your nations flag in the top left corner and clicking the tab 4 from the left. Here, drag the bar under ‘Army Maintenance’ all the way to the left. Furthermore, do the same thing from ‘Fleet Maintenance

Next, go to the Military tab (located 3 from the right) and click the ‘mothball all forts’ button. This is located in the bottom left of the tab.

Now, you should be making quite a lot of cash!

The Next Steps – Europa Universalis 4 Portugal Guide

The following steps require some patience. What you will want to do is to hire some advisors, and wait until you can invest in the 5th administrative technology.

To hire advisors, you must click the little chair with a green background in the top left, to the right of your nation’s flag (in the top left).

Now, wait until you can get your first idea (at administrative tech 5).

Start Colonizing – Mid Game

Now that you have acquired the 5th admin tech, you are able to invest in your first idea. You will want to go with Exploration Ideas.

This will eventually provide you with a colonist, which will allow you to start settling in the Americas, Africa, Asia… ANYWHERE. Which is great.

Once you have got the colonist, you will want to start with Cape Verde. This island is found on the African coast, but there is only one problem, it is currently not explored.

To discover an area, you must recruit an explorer as the captain of your ships, then you must assign him to go to the area you want to explore. Luckily for Portugal, you are the only nation that starts with an explorer.

Explore the coasts south of Morocco, and you will find Cape Verde. Note that the island may remain undiscovered when you discover the area around it, for this you must recruit a conquistador, assign him to your army, and relocate him to the island.

Then colonize the island by clicking it, then click ‘Send a Colonist’.


From this point in the game, you are free to do what you will. You may choose to expand into Africa, South America, or India. This strategy has placed the building blocks for you to start making serious cash from colonization.

Just make sure you are always colonizing a new province, and within 100 years, you should be set.

Still, confused about where to colonize? Read our article on the Best Regions to Colonize in Europa Universalis 4 HERE. This will educate you on where you should/should not prioritize when colonizing.

Thanks for reading our Europa Universalis 4 Portugal Guide!

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