Before We Leave: Coop and Multiplayer Explained

Before We Leave Coop Explained

Before We Leave Coop

Before We Leave is a real-time strategy game originally made for single-player. But this begs the question: Can you play coop in Before We Leave? This page will explain the current status of coop in Before We Leave.

Unfortunately, no. Despite players begging Balancing Monkey Games (the developers), there is no coop in Before We Leave. That means no cross-platform or same platform multiplayer. But, to be fair, it costs just $19.99 on Steam, Humble Store, Epic Games Store and other online catalogues. Also, keep in mind that these are still early days. Before We Leave was released on the 14th of May 2021 and is still in early access.

Unfortunately, there are still no available mods for Before We Leave, let alone one that would add a coop system. There’s not even a Steam Workshop open yet.

Despite being released as a single-player experience, the developers have not yet ruled out the possibility. Instead, they’ve stated themselves that there’s a chance. They’ve expressed that it’s something they would “love to do for future projects”. However, said that adding multiplayer would be difficult for many reasons.

In summary, there’s still hope for coop in Before We Leave. The game could receive a major update, adding coop in the process. However, there haven’t been any public announcements (to this date) clearly commenting about their intentions of adding a multiplayer system.

That was our take on Before We Leave Coop mode.

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