Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide

Kumiho Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

If you’re looking to design the best Kumiho Cookie toppings build, you have come to the right place. This Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide will teach you everything there is to know…

Kumiho Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

What Toppings Go On Kumiho Cookie?

The best Kumiho Cookie toppings involve a combination of Solid Almond and Swift Chocolate. Depending on how much damage you’re planning on taking, you should change the ratio of these toppings. Use 2 Solid Almond and 3 Swift Chocolate if your main focus is not dying. Otherwise, use our suggested build, which includes 5 Swift Chocolate

  • 2 Solid Almond and 3 Swift Chocolate Toppings (Recommended)
  • 5 Solid Almond Toppings (Full Tank Build)

Kumiho Cookie Build Description

Here is a list of Kumiho Cookie’s stats at level 60:


Here is the best Kumiho Cookie team in Cookie Run Kingdom:

Is Kumiho Cookie Good

As of the December 9th Update, Kumiho has been made much better. The added buffs include a shorter cooldown time, increased skill damage, and higher defence. Before the update, I wouldn’t have suggested the Kumigo Cookie to anyone building a competitive team. Nowadays, she makes for an excellent addition, whether to the competitive or World Exploration rosters.

Kumiho Cookie is an EPIC Tier character that makes for an excellent tank. As she’s located in the front, her class is Charge. Despite her medium-level rarity, her ability Somersault works great regardless. If you’re interested, we outline how to get her below.

How To Get Kumiho Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

To get Kumiho Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, you must be active during the Lunar New Year event. You must play the Kumiho Cookie’s Pouch Mania mini-game during this time, costing you 15 of the event’s currency. From this, there’s a 1 in 21 chance of landing on Kumiho Cookie and unlocking her.

How To Get Kumiho Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom


This guide looked at the best Kumiho Cookie Toppings Build; if you were trying to maximise her tanking potential, you should now have an impenetrable wall.

Sometimes we mess up and don’t suggest the very best cookie toppings. If you believe we’ve made a mistake, comment below, and we will update it as soon as possible!

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