Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide

Sonic Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

This Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide will look at the best Sonic Cookie toppings and which build you should pick. However, the combination you should use will change based on several factors. Keep reading to learn which one will work best for your team…

Sonic Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

What Toppings Go On Sonic Cookie?

The best Sonic Cookie toppings will depend on what game mode you’re planning to use him for. He works great for speed comps, wherein 5 Searing Raspberry works best. If you’re less confident in other cookies’ ability to tank damage, 3 Searing Raspberry and 2 Solid Almond would be the next best combination.

  • 5 Searing Raspberry Toppings (Recommended)
  • 3 Searing Raspberry and 2 Solid Almond Toppings (DMG + Tank Hybrid Build)

Sonic Cookie Build Description

Sonic Cookie is distinct from the other characters, as he comes from the Sonic the Hedgehog games. He acts very differently from many other cookies (as he can’t be unlocked from the regular gacha system) by blending a mix of speed, damage, and health. Sonic Cookie works best in the front lines, tanking and dealing damage.

Here is the best Sonic Cookie team we’ve found:

Is Sonic Cookie Good?

Sonic Cookie is great for speed comps exclusively; his blend of speed, damage, and health make him an excellent choice. However, he falls short in the World Exploration and PvP modes. Many other cookie alternatives are better than theirs for these. In most circumstances, it’s best to save your topping pieces.

Sonic Cookie is a SPECIAL Tier character, one of only a few. In fact, he can’t be unlocked by the regular gacha system. He was the spotlight of the Sonic the Hedgehog event, which made players clear stages for rings. His unique rarity has made him sought after by many in the Cookie Run Kingdom community.

How To Get Sonic Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Unlocking Sonic Cookie involves a somewhat drawn-out process. Getting him will take a little longer if you’re not backed up by an effective team. Although, beginners can obtain him too by grinding long enough.

The first step involves entering Sonic’s Green Hill event. The included nine stages will provide various rewards upon completion; what you want are Rings. The number of Rings you receive will depend on the level; higher levels give 1800 or more, and lower levels can provide as little as 500. Each play will cost you a Power Shoe (which you will be given every 30 minutes, stacking up to 60).

How To Get Sonic Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Save up 1000 Rings, then go to the events tab. On the left-hand side, select the Lucky Item Boxes tab. Here, you can spend 1000 Rings to open a Lucky Item Box (hence the tab’s name). You have a chance to receive many different color gems from them, such as…

  • Red Chaos Emerald
  • Purple Chaos Emerald
  • Cyan Chaos Emerald
  • White Chaos Emerald
  • Yellow Chaos Emerald
  • Green Chaos Emerald
  • Blue Chaos Emerald

By collecting one of each, you can unlock the Sonic Cookie under the Miraculous Chaos Emeralds tab.


This guide took a look at the best Sonic Cookie toppings build in Cookie Run Kingdom; there’s not too much information regarding him online because he is unique and challenging to unlock. Luckily, we outlined how to get the Sonic Cookie in our step-by-step process above.

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