Europa Universalis 4 – Best Regions to Colonize RANKED

When playing Europa Universalis 4, what your nation is capable of *inevitably* boils down to how much money you’re making. Nearly everything can be improved by ducats, whether it’s improving naval/force limit, decreasing state maintenance, or investing in advisors. This is why it is vital to have an efficient money-making strategy in your arsenal, and one of the best ways of amassing wealth is colonization. When colonizing, one must be wary, if the location being colonized is worth it, and most places in Europa Universalise 4, are not. For this reason, I will be covering which colonial regions are the Best Regions to Colonize RANKED

#1: The Caribbean/Central America

The Caribbean is an archipelago-like region, that features various benefits, for those who choose to colonize it. This isle is so vital to obtain, mainly because it is the central hub for transferring trade back to Europe (Other than the Ivory Coast). By colonizing this area, you are denying the spoils of colonization from your enemies, while making a lot of cash in the process. Because of the preciousness of time in Europa Universalis 4, we recommend only investing 5 colonists in this area and letting your new-found colony do the rest. Though the Caribbean is great, for some countries, there may be a struggle to reach it, such as England. If this occurs as England, follow this colonize strategy: Greenland > Canada > Florida > the Caribbean.

colonial Caribbean in Europa Universalis 4 in guide to Best Regions to Colonize RANKED

#2 The Ivory Coast

The Ivory Coast is a tall stretch of land located along the west coast of Africa. The importance of colonizing this territory (if done right) is unfathomable. This region (Other than the Caribbean) is the central hub, enemies must transfer trade through to return their profits back to Europe. Because of this, you are not only slowing your enemies down, you are also making cash while doing so. If you have the “Wealth of Nations” DLC, we also recommend placing trade companies in all provinces that are centers of trade. This region also is important (If you also colonize south Africa) because it blocks foes from reaching Asia. This allows your nation to have a monopoly on the Spice Islands and India.

Colonial Ivory Coast in the game Europa Universalis 4 in guide to Best Regions to Colonize RANKED

#3 Spice Islands

The Spice Islands are (much like the Caribbean) an archipelago, that if colonized, holds so much wealth, the player may not even know what to do with it. Plus, if the player colonized the Caribbean earlier in the game, the player may choose to steer trade from the spice islands across the pacific, to the Caribbean. We recommend, (Because the area is separated by water), you only invest 5 colonists and create a Colony, that will automatically colonize provinces for you. Because of the easy trade steering, and the province’s trade value, the Spice Islands are a must for players that are seeking wealth.

Colonial Spice islands in the game Europa Universalis 4

#4 Colonial South Africa

South Africa is a crucial pitstop for players that desire to colonize Asia. This sector is not only important geographically, but also provincially. The provinces encapsulated within the area, hold valuable gold, that if exploited, generate large sums of gold. This region holds 1 of the 3 trade routes from Asia to Europe, for this reason, if this area is colonized, is an easy and safe way of transferring wealth back to your home trade node.

Colonial South Africa in the game Europa Universalis 4

#5 Colonial India

If in your gameplay, you are playing as a historically colonizing nation, newer players may ask, Why is there a mission to colonize India? This is because of the incredible wealth that will arise if India is controlled, and the importance of holding this area geographically. India provides the player with an important pitstop for players that want to eventually conquer Asia. And because of the lack of military technology the Indian nations have, your troops should be X3 more powerful in contrast to theirs. This makes the conquering of India an easy feat to achieve, there is only 1 main problem players who pursue this path must overcome. Aggressive Expansion. This pain in the backside can become a real problem for players that choose to rush India, as if this modifier rises exponentially, countries in the Middle East may also choose to join their coalition, which may be a problem. Other than this, India should also be considered when a player is playing a colonization game.

Colonial India with many different countries in Europa Universalis 4

These were our recommendations of the colonial nations you should prioritize when colonizing. Within the game, there are many more areas to colonize, though these seem to not reap the benefits when colonized as the regions mentioned above. If you believe we missed out on anything, feel free to leave a comment.

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