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‘Forager’ is a buzzy Indie game developed by HopFrog. As soon as I hopped into Forager (Pun Intended) I was hooked though it did start slow.

WARNING before you proceed you must know this game is very addicting and if your night disappears, don’t hold me accountable.

The Content

The gameplay couldn’t be more simplistic yet detailed. You start as a nameless character (Which can be customised later in the game) which seems to be the protagonist in the story of the game. You start on a small plot of land – the goal – to expand. With a default pickaxe, you must collect what seems to be an infinite amount of resources to build, mine and expand. As you expand you have access to more resources such as coal, iron, gold and wood. Once you start expanding you notice there are 4 land types other than grass lands, these are: Graveyard, Icebergs, Desert and Fire.

Throughout the plots of land there are many fun and goofy characters to interact with. These characters often ask you for items or provide quests. One of the characters in particular is the developer, HopFrog! HopFrog gives you a pop quiz where seemingly everything you answer is wrong!

So the game wouldn’t get repetitive and boring, the developers smartly incorporated, not only 48 islands to explore, not only fun characters to interact with, but also a museum you must complete. Within the museum you are required to donate most (Not all) of the items in the game, the items you donate will then be displayed. The museum is divided into 8 sections divided by topics. After you complete each section you are rewarded with a chest that contains spirit orbs. These orbs provide indefinite upgrades to your character, such as Health, Stamina and Levels.

Overall Forager contains a wide variety of content and is sure to entertain you for hours. Though this game can get grindy at times, it always seems to reward you in some form or another.










  • Length
  • Content


  • Grindy
  • Slow

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