Call of Duty

How to 1v1 in CoD Mobile

This page contains information on how to do a 1v1 in COD Mobile.

The first step is to open the application and launch it. Head to the multiplayer option located on the right side of the main menu and click on the three horizontal lines found at the top right corner of the screen. Click on the private option to begin the 1v1 process. Afterward, select the mode change and choose the 1v1 duel option for the gameplay. Once you are done with all these processes, invite players you want to have private matches with by clicking on the plus sign located next to their name. once the players you have invited have accepted the invite, you can go ahead and customize your preference. Once done, you can click on the Start icon to get started with the game.

How to Win a 1v1 in COD Mobile

Going for a 1v1 requires skill and experience to emerge victorious. Therefore, some tips and tricks will give you the upper hand in defeating your enemies.

Before going for a 1v1, you can try practicing with AI to comprehend the strengths and weaknesses of various weapons and how you can outmaneuver your enemy. For effective loadout, choose a good assault rifle or an SMG with a quick rate of fire and a sniper rifle that is best when engaging an enemy who is distant. Also, make sure you know the map in detail to have an easy time when competing. This will let you know the best flanking routes, where to position your character, and the best technique to use when attacking the enemy player. Also, ensure you learn how to hip fire since it is a handy skill when shooting close-range targets. Also, good shooting skills, such as jump and drop shots, will give you an added advantage over the enemy player.

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