How to Become a CEO in BitLife

This page contains information on how to become a CEO in BitLife.

The first step is once you create your character,  ensure they have very high smart stats of about 70 or higher. Age them up as you ensure their intelligence levels increase significantly by reading in the library and focusing on academic excellence. Additionally, ascertain that your character is born into wealth with highly educated parents such as lawyers, doctors, and CEOs as well.

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After your character has completed high school, enroll them in a university to pursue further education. Select a degree in marketing, economics, finance, or other related courses.

BitLife Graduate University

Once your character has secured the relevant degree, head to the Occupations tab, select Jobs, then Junior Level Job, and click on Corporate Sector. Start your character with a small job and grow them throughout the years.

Your character will be promoted to Assistant Vice President as you continue to work hard. Once they secure this position, it will be easy for them to move up to the Vice President, Executive Vice President, and Managing Director. After working for years and years, your character will now be worthy of appointment as the CEO. The most important factor throughout the journey is patience. There will be multiple challenges along the way whereby your character will fail, making the player start all over again.

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Tips for Becoming a CEO in Bitlife

During the growth process from high school to college, keeping your character healthy and free of diseases is essential. Therefore, hitting the gym and working out are vital to ensure a long and healthy life. Your character can also try meditation to boost their physical and mental well-being.  

Once your character reaches 12 years, they can acquire a part-time job to generate income. Because of your character’s intelligent stats, you should be able to unlock the Tutor Freelancer Gig that pays handsomely.

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