How to Become an Actor in BitLife

This page contains information on how to be an actor in BitLife.

How to Become an Actor in BitLife Without God Mode

To become an actor, your character must start young, preferably at eight. Under the Mind and Body tab, the Acting Lessons will unlock. Before the player unlocks their character, they must maintain high looks by rerolling. Rerolling is done by creating new characters until the player gets one with high physical stats.

After enrolling for acting lessons, keep practicing by retaking the Acting Lessons under the Mind and Body Tab. This is to raise your character’s acting skills to a higher level because your parents will soon stop paying for your lessons the moment your character completes high school. Also, your skill gain will slow down, so it is recommended to practice more than four times a year before deciding to age up. Alternatively, the player can also try practicing annually until the skill bar stops increasing. Doing so will raise your acting skills to be as complete as possible. After your skill is high, your character will be read to follow the path of a Movie Star or Actor.

How to Land Acting Jobs in BitLife

Due to the change in the process of becoming an actor, the previous process of applying for a Voiceover Acting Job is no longer functional. Currently, the process entails hiring Talent Agents and going for auditions.

The first step is getting a small job so your character can raise finances to hire a Talent Agent. After hiring the agent, head to the Special Careers section and select the Actor tab. Scroll down until you see Apply To Auditions, where your character’s agent will be of help in that process. Under the Actor tab, your character can apply for movie and television roles. Constant applications will secure your character an acting job. Suppose you want your character to be a famous movie star. In that case, you will have to secure more acting roles and sign up on social media platforms such as Instagram to grow an audience and become famous.

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