How to Become President in BitLife

This page contains information on how to become president in BitLife.

Becoming the president of BitLife is one of the most challenging careers a character can undertake.

How to Become President in BitLife

The first step is to pay for Bitizenship, which has a price tag of $4.99 in real-world currency. This is compulsory, without which your character will not stand a chance of being elected president.

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After paying for the Bitizenship, your character needs to be born in the United States. If they did not get this when they were born, the player has to reroll until they are born in that country. Additionally, our character must be born with high Looks and Smarts. These two impact your character’s chances of being elected, and your main aim is also becoming popular. Becoming popular requires you to be active and influential on social media.

To run for the presidency in BitLife, one must be of age. Therefore your character must age up until they reach 35 years.

What Degree Do You Need to Become President in BitLife

Additionally, your character must be politically active as early as possible. To achieve this, you must partake in almost all political events you can find, even being a School director. While in university, enroll our character in Political Science, Law, or Business School.

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Amount of Money Required to Be President in BitLife

In terms of finances, running for the presidency is costly since it entails catering to the cost of campaigns. There is a minimum cost of abt $10,000 even to begin running for the presidency. However, it is recommended that one million dollars will be sufficient to cater for all costs related to running for the presidency.

Helpful Tips to Become President in BitLife

Suppose your character is not successful in reaching the stage of the election. In that case, the layer can restart the game because the presidency is a chance-based career. Alternatively, your character can also opt to run for other seats such as Mayor or Senate first because it will act as a foundation to cement your political career and make it smoother to run for the Presidential role eventually.

When your character officially begins their campaigns, they must do everything in their power to win the hearts of voters across the country. Also, your character must try not to get involved in any law-breaking activities since they may affect your publicity and reduce your likelihood of being elected.

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