How to Dance at a Nightclub in BitLife

This page contains information on how to dance at a nightclub in BitLife.

Going clubbing is one of the many recreational activities your character can indulge in. going to the nightclub can increase your happiness bar, maintaining it at high levels. This also makes your mental health optimum, putting the character’s overall health in good condition.

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How to Go Clubbing in BitLife

Clubbing can be found under the Activities tab, then the Nightlife section. The Clubbing option is located under the Movies and Theatre option. In this section, the player then selects the Clubbing option. This will lead you to three clubs from which you are free to choose. The player then clicks on any of the three clubs and begins dancing in the club.

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Apart from dancing in the club, your player will be offered alcoholic drinks, marijuana, cocaine, and other hard drugs. The player is given a chance to accept or reject the drugs. Additionally, the drugs should be taken in moderation because using them in high quantities makes you addicted to them and eventually leads to fatal results such as death due to drug overdose and mental instability because the drugs lower the character’s health bars.

How to Go to Rehab in BitLife

If your player becomes a drug addict, you can opt to check yourself into rehab and get treated. The player can do this by heading to the Activities tab and scrolling all the way down to the bottom. And click on the Rehab option. After clicking, select the Rehab Center option. Players can now attend sessions that prioritize drug abstinence to cure themselves of their addictions.

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