How to DO & COUNTER a REGEN RAINBOW RUSH – Bloons TD Battles

Whether you play Bloons TD Battles actively or just occasionally, I am sure you have heard of the Infamous “Regen Rainbow Rush”. This deadly strategy occurs on round 13, and unless your enemy knows how to counter it, victory is inevitable.

How to Perform the Regen Rush

Note: Before the game, choose 1 cheap tower (ideally a Dart Monkey), a Banana Farm, and a backup tower, we recommend the Monkey Apprentice.

  1. Place Dart Monkey (or any other cheap monkey-like Engineer)
  2. Upgrade that monkey so it can handle the upcoming rounds (for the Dart Monkey upgrade it to triple shot)
  3. Place a Banana Farm
  4. Place a 2nd Banana Farm
  5. Place a 2nd cheap tower (Another Dart Monkey)
  6. Upgrade the 2nd tower
  7. Upgrade the 2nd Banana Farm to a Plantation
  8. Place a 3rd Banana Farm (Optional)
  9. On round 13 (or the end of round 12), sell all your Banana Farms
  10. Send your opponent Regen Rainbow Bloons (make sure it’s the Rainbow Bloons with the number 3 on them)
Bloons TD Battles Dart Monkey Icon  for DOing & COUNTERing a REGEN RAINBOW RUSH

How to Tell if Your Opponent is planning a Rainbow Regen Rush

  • Places a cheap tower as initial tower.
  • Places Banana farms very early
  • On Round 13 (Or late round 12) they sell their Banana Farms

How to Counter the Regen Rainbow Rush

Note: These tactics are for the map Battle Park

When playing Bloons TD Battles, it is crucial to know how to defend the world-renown Rainbow Regen Rush because of how often you will encounter it.


When battling an opponent that seems to have intentions of rushing, investing in Banana Farms is the way to go. This is because once you have survived his attempt of the Regen Rainbow Rush, you are able to sell your Banana Farms and Regen Rainbow Rush your opponent.

When defending there are certain towers that are very effective against the Regen Rainbow Rush, such as:

  • Tack Shooter
  • Ninja Sabotage
  • Engineer bloon trap
  • Mortar
  • Plutonium Reactor

Note: The effectiveness of these towers varey depending on the map.

There are also certain combinations of towers which have a history of effectively distinguishing the Rainbow Regen Rush, these are:

  • Tack Shooter, Banana Farm/Cobra, Wizard: Upgrade the tack shooter X-4 so you can get the Blade Maelstrom Ability. Place three 2-2 wizards which will all be boosted by the Cobra. The Cobra will deal with the Camo Bloons.
  • Tack Shooter, Banana Farm/Cobra, Mortar: Blade Maelstrom (X-4 Tack Shooter) The Big One (4-X Mortar) and combined with Signal Flare (X-3 Mortar).
  • Dart Monkey, Banana Farm, and Monkey Ace: Place many Spike-o-pults (3-X Dart Monkey) or Juggernauts (4-X Dart Monkey) facing down a line (To maximize their potential). Place many Super Monkey Fan Clubs(X-4 Dart Monkey) Around the Juggernauts. By using ODS (X-3 Monkey Ace) you can defend Camos, make sure to buy Ace Path Micro so that the Monkey Ace can hit as many bloons as possible.
Bloons TD Battles Banana Farm Icon  for Doing & COUNTERing a REGEN RAINBOW RUSH

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