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How to Fix Trade Bug in Tropico 6

This guide details how to fix the trade bug in Tropico 6. If you’re experiencing the issue, keep reading…

What is the Trade Route Bug?

The trade route bug means players can never complete a trade route — every month, the trade route’s duration will extend, and the exported goods will stay at zero. This makes playing the game impossible, as fulfilling trade routes is a requirement for progressing through specific eras; without trading, you can’t improve your relationship with other nations.

Why the Trade Bug Occurs

Usually, the trade route bug occurs because of an issue with your exports. For example, suppose you’re trying to export sugar and experiencing the trade bug. In that case, there’s probably an issue with your teamsters — maybe they can’t access the building? Or aren’t enough of them to handle all your exported goods? 

How to Fix the Trade Bug

Follow these steps to fix the trade bug in Tropico 6:

1. Have a road connection to your ports

A lack of road connections between your buildings and ports is a common reason players have export problems. If they’re not connected, your teamsters aren’t able to pick up goods and, thus, bring them to your ports for shipping. Luckily, fixing this issue is straightforward— click on the building tab and place roads where needed.

2. Have enough teamsters

Teamsters are essential for exporting goods—without them, there are no imports or exports from your island. Oftentimes, players can forget to place new Teamster Offices to keep up with supply and demand. The number of offices you will need depends on how large your trade routes are. Either way, it’s a good idea to, at the very least, upgrade your Teamster Offices when possible.

3. Don’t signup for multiple trade routes of the same product

Don’t sign up for multiple trade routes if you’re not confident in your ability to mass-produce a single product. Tropico 6 will typically prioritize fulfilling one trade route at a time. Thus, the other trade routes will remain unattended — try to diversify your export goods.

Wrap Up

This guide looked at the trade bug in Tropico 6; you should know what it is, why it occurs, and how to fix it. If you have any questions, comment below, and we’ll respond!

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