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How to Get a Nuke in CoD Mobile

This page contains information on how to get a nuke in CoD Mobile.

Nukes are the prize possession of every player in CoD Mobile. They are a spectacular way of attaining victory in matches.

How Many Kills Does It Take to Get a Nuke?

The advantage of trying to obtain a nuke is that it is activated using a relatively lower kill streak. Having 20 kills in a row makes the nuke active and ready to use.

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How Do You Get a Nuke?

On the other hand, it takes a lot of time to level up in CoD Mobile to the minimum requirements of using a nuke. Level 20 is the designated minimum level for one to use the nuke.

When the nuke is activated, players can see a ten-second countdown on their game screens accompanied by a siren. Once the countdown ends, the battlefield will be engulfed with white light. The slowing will follow this in time as vehicles explode, making all enemies die at once.

However, the match does not finish at that point. To get the Nuke Killcam, a player needs to complete the game with a nuke. You will be provided with a Nuclear Bomb Final Killcam when you make the last kill to be a nuke kill. Watching the nuke gobble up your enemies is both spectacular and satisfying. Note that strategic playing is the surest way of obtaining the nuke.

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