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Choose between one of several unlikely heroes, each burdened by a deep regret and in search of a way to change their past, no matter the cost.

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Enter the Gungeon is a Action Roguelike game where you play as 1 of over half a dozen unique characters that all have their own weapons and abilities. As soon as you start playing Enter the Gungeon you can pick from 1 of 5 characters (If you include the Cultist). In the game there are 4 more characters to unlock:

  • The Bullet
  • The Paradox
  • The Robot
  • The Gunslinger

In this guide we will show you how to unlock all of these characters.

How to unlock the Bullet

The Bullet is a unlockable character in Enter the Gungeon. He carries a sword that can be swung unlimited times.

How to Unlock: Once you have beat the game and have done the true ending for any character there will be enemies called red caped bullet kins that look like bullets with capes now scattered across the gungeon.

In order to unlock the bullet you must find a Red caped bullet kin and kill all other enemies in the room but the Bullet Kin. Once you have spared the bullet kin you must wait a few seconds. The Bullet kin should disappear, do this 5 times and you will unlock the Bullet character.

How to unlock the Paradox

Note: In order to unlock the Paradox you must have beat the game or beat any of the characters pasts.

Once you have beat the game you want to start another game, but this time look for a black/purple patch in the floor. This patch can appear in any floor so look carefully.

Note: You have to have killed the past in the previous round for the black/purple patches on the floor to appear.

Once you have found the patch, you must walk into it. You will now notice your characters skin color alternating between black, purple and blue.

You will then want to beat the game again and beat the past, this will unlock the Paradox.

How to unlock the Gunslinger

Note: You will need the Paradox to unlock Gunslinger.

In order to unlock the gunslinger you must play as the Paradox. You must kill the lich located on the 6th floor (Bullet Hell). Upon killing the lich as paradox you will unlock the Gunslinger

How to access Bullet Hell: You must kill all 4 of the default characters pasts. You must walk onto the platform found just before the chest that contains the gun to kill the characters pasts will drag the player down to bullet hell.

How to unlock the Robot

To unlock the Robot you must jump into the elevator shaft located in the first floor, at the bottom you will find a special room. There you will find a active item called the “Busted Television”. Then you must bring the Blacksmith (Which is located on the 5th floor) the Broken Television. Upon delivering the broken television to the blacksmith you will unlock the Robot.

Note: Do not dodge roll or get damaged while the broken television is equipped or the item will get unequipped.

Thanks to Sliboat for the help when writing this article

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