How to Get the Fat Man – Fallout 4

The Fat Man is an extremely powerful weapon that plummets mini-nukes at enemies, though for some reason this gun is available to players at level 1. Because the Fat Man obliterates almost all enemies, In this article we will be covering what you must do to obtain the Fat Man.

How To

First, you must go to the Robotics Disposal Ground, it is just right of the Sanctuary . It is located here:

Robotics Disposal Ground with map on pipboy to guide to get the Fatman in fallout 4

Then turn left and look behind some cars, The Fat Man should be located in the back of a truck:

Fat Map in disposable ground

Note: You will also find a Sentry Bot in the Robotics Disposal Ground that can be activated and help you defend the Commonwealth

How to Get a Sentry Bot – Fallout 4

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