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How to Get the Worm Medal in CoD Mobile

This page contains information on how to get the Worm Medal in CoD Mobile.

The Worm Medal is obtained by players when they camp on the Isolated map for 3 minutes. This task may seem difficult for players who enjoy rushing to enemy players and killing them. Enemies can also see you camping from afar and knock you down.

Worm Medal
Worm Medal

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Worm Medal in CoD Mobile

The first tip is to play the game in a duo, not squads. This eases cooperation since when you are two players, you can share the tasks such that one player can camp while the other watches out for enemies. Coordinating effectively with squads isn’t easy; playing the game in a duo is the best option.

Another trick is to land in the main high loot zones in every battle royale match. Every map indicates the best places with sufficient loot for the entire lobby. Sanitarium is one of the most common hot drops in the battle royale. Aim to land in one of the hot zones, loot enough supplies and weapons, fight enemy players, and stay in the hot zone for three minutes. It is a simple but hazardous operation because players usually flood places in hot zones. Hence getting knocked down is quick.

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Another tip is becoming the Trap Master. This gameplay revolves around camping and waiting for enemies, and it is a smart strategy for getting the Worm Medal. To do this, the player must preferably find a double-story compound and camp on the upper floors. Put traps in the entrance, stairs, and underneath windows, then patiently wait for the opportunity to present itself. In emergencies, smoke grenades are an excellent asset to help you become more concealed from enemy players.

After obtaining the Worm Medal three times, players can take the bonuses named in the Gold or Nothing Challenge.

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