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How to Marry Aela in Skyrim

Who wouldn’t like a badass Norse werewolf babe to be their wife? Don’t worry I’m sure she shaves her legs after a transformation and removes the flesh from between her teeth in the morning.

Yes, Aela can be your wife. You can marry other people but let’s be honest — they’re not as cool as her. For many of us, it was love at first sight and upon finding out you could marry, the question for us was how do I marry her. Well, this is how to marry Aela in Skyrim.

How to Marry Aela

Firstly, you need to join The Companions. You can find them in Whiterun. Once you’ve joined all you need to do is complete The Companions questline. Trust me it’s worth it. You want to marry Aela, right? Then get to work. I never said this was going to be quick.

Next, head over to Riften’s Temple of Mara and speak to Maramal. You need to buy an Amulet of Mara from them. They’ll talk to you about marriage first before you can buy it.

If you’ve never been to Riften, Maramal can be found in The Bee and Barb. If he’s not there Then look for them in the Temple of Mara.

Map of Skyrim Aela

Now, equip the amulet and head back to The Companions and find Aela. There’ll be new dialogue options for proposal for you to select. You’ve come this far, don’t back out now.

When Aela accepts your proposal “interested in me, are you?” dialogue go visit Maramal to arrange your marriage. The big day will be in 24 hours. That’s fast from proposal to marriage, if only it were that quick and simple in the real world. And cheap.

Go outside and wait 24 hours or go for a walk and enjoy your Stag party, slay some beasts, get in some fights and have a few drinks just return the next day. Aela should be waiting for you at the temple or walking over.

Now the ceremony will commence and shortly you’ll be married to the most badass babe in all of Skyrim. And that — ladies and gentlemen is how to marry Aela in Skyrim.

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