How to Obtain all the Stardrops in Stardew Valley

Stardrops are special fruit that permanently increases your maximum energy by 34. Stardrops are rare and can only be obtained by doing select actions.

A mysterious fruit that empowers those who eat it. The flavor is like a dream… a powerful personal experience, yet difficult to describe to others.

Stardew Valley

1: The Stardew Valley Fair

 The Easiest way of obtaining a Star drop is at the Stardew Valley Fair (16th of Fall). This Stardrop is bought from the Shop for 2000 tokens.

Tip: The Fastest way of getting 2000 tokens is wagering your coins at the spinning wheel.

Tip: Green wins 75% of the time

2: Reach Level 100 in the Mine

The next easiest way of obtaining a Stardrop is reaching level 100 in the Mine. Upon reaching level 100 you will find a chest. Open it and you will find your 2nd Stardrop.

Tip: When Mining try to go in increments of 5.

Tip: Bring a lot of food when going into the mines.

3: Have a Spouse which is at 13/12 Hearts.

The 3rd way of obtaining a Stardrop is by having your wife or husband’s friendship level to be at 13/12. Upon your spouse reaching 13 hearts they will gift you a Stardrop.

Tip: Find out what you specific character likes to receive as a gift.

4: Buy a Stardrop from Krobus

The 4th way of obtaining a Stardrop is to buy one from Krobus. Krobus is a ghostly creature that lives in the sewer that sells many late-game items.

5: Give Master Cannoli a Sweet Gem Berry

The 5th way of obtaining a Stardrop is by heading to the Secret woods and giving Master Cannoli (The Statue) a Sweet Gem Berry. The Sweet Gem Berry is grown from the rare seed. The Rare seed can be bought from the Traveling Cart or by using the seed maker.

Fact: The travelling cart has a 1.26% chance to be selling 1-5 Rare Seeds.

6: Achieving the Master Angler Achievement

The 6th Stardrop can be obtained by finishing the Master Angler Achievement. To complete the Master Angler Achievement, you must catch 1 of every fish available in the game.

7: Completing the Achievement ‘A Complete Collection’

In order to obtain the last Stardrop you must complete the Achievement ‘A Complete Collection’. To complete this achievement, you must donate all 95 Books and Artefacts to the Museum.   

Tip: Crack open Geodes you find in the Mine

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