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How to Play Zombies on CoD Mobile

This page contains information on how to play zombies on CoD Mobile.

Is Zombies Still on CoD Mobile?

The zombie mode is known as the Undead Siege mode. It entails players being given the task of fighting and killing dozens of zombies for five days and nights while they are stuck on an island map. The zombies come from multiple directions. Hence being alert at all times is a very crucial skill for players.

How Do You Unlock Undead Siege in CoD Mobile?

To play the Undead Siege mode, players must begin by downloading the resource packs needed to run the mode, such as the map and the game mode. A key point to remember is that the game is not always available for play, so the players must look for when the mode is open.

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Tricks for Playing Zombies in CoD Mobile

One good trick is that players must learn to explore the map during the day. Your characters can scout the map in search of supplies such as guns and medical equipment before night falls. The zombies always attack at night, so it is essential to prepare beforehand to survive the oncoming scary nights. Players can also use vehicles to move faster across the map, quickening their search for possible scattered loot.

Another vital tip is to ensure proper and constant communication and coordination among your teammates. You should enter the game after a proper briefing of how you will handle the game to ensure you come out victorious. It may be difficult to see the enemies at night, so audible communication will enable you to talk to each other fluently and promptly thwart any attack on your base by the zombies.

The next tip is to ensure the Control Center is well fortified against zombies attacking the base, such as the Machine Gunner and Warden. Extra protection will give players more time to kill more zombies.

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The final tip is to ensure you use the side mission provided in the Undead Siege because players will be rewarded with more loot in the form of weapons, ammo, and many supplies, which will come in handy at night arrives. Gathering all this loot gives you the advantage and courage to fight back when the zombies, which are more challenging to kill, arrive. Some side missions include destroying an infection source, a giant Aether Crystal, killing the Butcher Boss who appears in the standard battle royale, and feeding Cerberus by trapping zombies into a circle and killing them all.

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