How to Upgrade, Repair, and Recruit Crew in Starbound

Starbound ship that is upgrade, repair and has a crew

In Starbound, the key to traveling from planet to planet is your spaceship. Your ship and pet differ depending on your starting race. As your ships usually provide a portable sanctuary for yourself and your crew, it is important that you keep your ship in tip-top shape. In this guide, you will learn how to Upgrade, Repair, and find a Crew for your ship.

How to Upgrade you Ship

Note: use /upgradeship to instantly upgrade your ship

To upgrade your ship, you must go to the “Penguin Bay” shop located in the outpost (It can be found to the right of the outpost, and just to the left of a small crane, it should be tended by a purple guy in a hood). Once you arrive at Penguin Bay, you want to buy the fake license for 20000 pixels. Upon purchasing this license your ship will be permanently upgraded.

How to Repair your Ship

Starbound Ship so that the character to upgrade, repair and recruit crew for their ship

In order to repair your ships thrusters and hull, you must obtain 1000 pixels and 20 core fragments.

  • Pixels can be obtained by slaying enemies.
  • Core fragments are bright orange ores and can be obtained by mining deep into the planets core.

Once you have got 1000 pixels and 20 core fragments you must teleport back up to your ship. Once you have arrived at your ship, go to the S.A.I.L (The control panel). Once you have clicked on the control panel, a tab should open in your game, then you must click “Repair Ship’s Thrusters”.

How to Recruit Crew Members for your Ship

In order to recruit crew members for your ship, you first must locate a village. These villages can be found on many different planets. In villages you will find settlers strolling around the village, some of these settlers will give you quests. You must complete enough quests for the settler and then they will request to join your crew.

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