Is League of Legends Cross-Platform in 2023? (PC, Android, iOS, Mac, Xbox)

This page contains information on whether League of Legends is a cross-platform game.

League Of Legends is one of the most famous creations by Riot Games. It has a faced paced gameplay with a wide range of champions. Its enormous fanbase and multiplayer mode make it even more enjoyable.

The game is set whereby you control your champion with unique abilities and battle styles. Players can choose to go against opponents or AI. The game’s primary objective is to obliterate the opponents’ Nexus. If you manage to be the first to destroy it, your character wins the game. Alternatively, if the opponent destroys the game first, they win.

Is League of Legends Cross-Platform in 2023?

Unfortunately, the game does not allow cross-platform play. This means that players using one platform cannot play the game with others using a different platform. For instance, if you are a PC player, you cannot play the game with other players or friends using mobile devices and vice versa.


Is League of Legends Cross-Platform on Android and iOS?

The game luckily allows cross-platform between Android and iOS devices. Suppose you are playing with an iOS device, and your friend has an Android. In that case, you can enjoy the game without anyone having the upper hand over the other.

Is League of Legends Cross-Platform on PC and Xbox?

Unfortunately, the game does not allow crossplay between PC and Xbox. This means that PC players cannot play the game with Xbox players and vice versa.

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Is League of Legends Cross-Platform Mobile and PC?

Unfortunately, the game does not support crossplay between Mobile and PC. One of the reasons for this is that the game developers decided not to enable this feature because they have ensured to take the game’s competitive nature seriously. Moreover, enabling crossplay will give PC players the upper hand compared to mobile players.

Is League of Legends Cross-Platform on PC and Mac?

Fortunately, the game allows crossplay between PC and Mac users only. Therefore, this means that PC players can compete with players using the Mac version.

Is League of Legends Cross-Generation?

Unfortunately, the game does not have cross-generation. Therefore, players can’t play using different versions of the same console. For instance, players using Xbox One cannot team up with players using Xbox Series X/S and vice versa.

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Can I Transfer My League of Legends Progress Between Platforms?

Unfortunately, the game does not allow players to transfer data, progress, or achievements from one platform to another. For instance, if you purchase some in-game items using the mobile version, you cannot access those items or your progress when you log in to the PC version and vice versa.

This is because the mobile version was developed for mobile experience only. The gameplay and everything it entails cannot be transferred from its original platform to another.

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