Kingdoms and Castles Review

‘Kingdoms and Castles’ by Lion Shield is a medieval city building game which is packed with detailed content and immaculate soundtracks. Though this $7 game sounds great, if you’re after longer games, this may not be your game. Around the 6 hours mark the game becomes repetitive, though while the game lasts, its rich with entertainment!

Your Journey Begins!

As soon as you enter you are required to place down a keep, this will be your starting point for your soon to be empire. As soon as you start you notice that your population counter in the bottom left is at its maximum and the supply of houses severely out way the demand. Population is one of the many reoccurring problems in the first steppingstones of building your empire.

2-3 Hours in

As soon as you notice you have a moderately defended base (Walls 1-2 Blocks high and Archer towers on the corner of your village), Obtaining a surplus amount of food is easy and new enemies such as larger dragons and raiders accompanied my ogres start arriving, this means you are in the mid-game. During this period of the game diseases aren’t a problem yet and you can get away with a clinic instead of a Hospital. Around this time of the game you notice that it might be a good idea building barracks or archer schools. These buildings supply commandable soldiers or archers that come in handy in many ways such as:

  • Defeating ogres before they destroy the walls of your city
  • When your enemies are overwhelming you

Late Game

The Late game is when this game start to become more repetitive. Though there are some challenges such as finding space to expand and having enough food for your city, during the late game you run out of things to do quickly. You notice you have a surplus of many essential materials such as wood and coins but because of the lack of usable stone there is a limit to which your city expands.. The unbearable lack of late game content is disappointing but should be expected with a $7 game.


Overall “Kingdoms and Castles” exceeded my expectations in many ways. The game is perfect for multitasking whether you’re watching your favourite shows on Netflix or watching videos on YouTube.  

Kingdoms and Castles









  • Great Music
  • Replayability
  • Price


  • Length
  • Lack of Certain Basic Recorces

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