Best Minecraft Bedrock Hacks and Clients

Best Minecraft Bedrock Hack Client List (for iOS, Android, and PC)

This guide explores the best Minecraft Bedrock Hacked Clients and Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) Hacked Clients. Considering the two versions are separate, each game’s respective hacks will be different too. 

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Hacked ClientPlatformVersionDownload Link
HorionComputerMinecraft Bedrock EditionDOWNLOAD
Strike InternalComputerMinecraft Bedrock EditionDOWNLOAD
Nitr0ComputerMinecraft Bedrock EditionDOWNLOAD
ZephyrComputerMinecraft Bedrock EditionDOWNLOAD
ToolboxAndroidMinecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE)DOWNLOAD
Plug TooliOSMinecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE)DOWNLOAD
Riverain 40k SpecialiOS and AndroidMinecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE)DOWNLOAD
SketchClientV2iOS and AndroidMinecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE)DOWNLOAD
EM ClientiOS and AndroidMinecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE)DOWNLOAD

Despite its popularity, hacking Minecraft’s Bedrock version comes with its own perils. The options for hacks for Minecraft-Bedrock are limited. The potential dangers associated with downloading hacked clients should not be taken lightly. It’s crucial to be cautious due to prevalent threats such as malware, viruses, and other malicious software. These threats can compromise your device’s security, damage your files, and deteriorate overall system performance. Those who download hacked clients carelessly are often victims of these threats. In the following sections, we will delve into safe and reliable alternatives for your hacking needs.

Your presence here indicates that you’re proactively searching for secure Minecraft hacked clients. Thumbs up for your diligence! Now, remember that some hacked clients are platform-specific. But don’t worry, reading this article will guide you to the most reliable Minecraft hacked clients tailored for different platforms. In particular, this article will guide you to suitable options to ensure your hacked client works effectively and safely.

Despite some misconceptions, not all paid clients are short-lived or facilitate code-copying. With this in mind, we shall turn our attention to some highly commendable, no-cost Minecraft Bedrock Edition hacked clients, fully compatible with iOS and Android. These clients, in particular, stand out for their unique characteristics, delivering lasting performance without the associated costs found in many others.

The Horion Hacked Client (Community Run)

Horion Hacked Client
The Horion Hacked Client

The Horion Hacked Client is a C++ internal cheat and is regarded as one of the most well-known and best—it has been running for a long time and has had many different developers. For most people, it would be the way to go. Horion is currently maintained by a group of people; the source code is private; however, the client is available for everyone to use. Keep in mind that this hack is only compatible with the Windows version of the game (not mobile). 


In addition to the more mainstream hacks (like Aimbot and X-Ray), it adds many other unique features. For example:

  • Aimbot
  • Auto Clicker
  • Kill Aura
  • Reach
  • Tracer
  • No Fall Damage
  • No Knockback

…and the list goes on, and on, and on. With all these elements, you would think that navigating each hack would be a mess; Horion’s hotkeys and interactable GUI takes care of this. Using the assigned shortcut, players can open a nifty list of all hacks, which then can be enabled or disabled through a single click.

Strike Client Internal

Strike Client Internal
Strike Client Internal

The Strike Internal Client is a project that Discord user Flash_#5663 has been developing for over a year, with the help of the developer of Zephyr, and will likely be shutting down in the future. We got in contact with him for this article, and he explained that he’s working on a new paid premium client; we’ll make sure to update the post when it releases, so save and bookmark this page!

Suppose you don’t want too many features and just want the essentials; in that case, this hacked client was made for you. Its simplistic menu can be found in the top left, where hacks like KillAura, AntiHunger, and NoClip can be toggled.

Before downloading The Strike Internal Client, you must disable your built-in Real Time Protection on your computer, which is ON by default. The process only takes a few moments. To learn how to disable it, click this YouTube link.

Nitr0 Hacked Client

Nitr0 Hacked Client
Nitr0 Hacked Client

The Nitr0 Hacked Client is what’s known as a ghost client, used for ghost cheating; in layman’s terms, it’s used for hackers wanted to cheat without wanting anyone to know. It was developed by JavaJar, and it’s well-known for being virtually undetectable, making it the hack-of-choice for players on a server. The way it’s done is by lowering the obviousness of many features— (1) the KillAura isn’t quite as strong, (2) the reach doesn’t go as far, and the list goes on… all this makes it less noticeable to pocket edition cheat detectors. 

Besides that, this hacked client is pretty textbook, as it includes many standard features.

Zephyr Hacked Client

The Zephyr Hacked Client is an excellent internal client that is currently up-to-date and includes many features. Hackers use the client mainly to cheat on servers, but primarily The Hive ( Zephyr has a cool feature where players can teleport to others that are within render distance, which, in contrast, Horion doesn’t have. Although it’s often recommended, Zephyr can’t bypass the anti-cheat of Lifeboat (a popular Minecraft server), and the X-ray has been reported to be of poor quality. To its credit, the KillAura is better.

Either way, we contacted the developer of The Horion Client; out of all the bedrock hacked clients, he spotlighted Zephyr as one of the best-hacked clients.



• Airjump
• Airswim
• Airwalk
• Antiaura
• Antivoid
• Blink
• Fastladder
• Faststop
• Fly
• Invmove
• Jesus
• Jetpack
• Long Jump
• NoSlowDown
• NoTilesSlowdown
• Parkour
• Phase
• ReverseStep
• Speed
• Spider
• Sprint


• AntiBot
• ArrayFix
• AutoLootBox
• AutoQueue
• Crasher
• DeviceIdSpoof
• Disabler
• Freecam
• Hacker Detect
• Hit Sounds
• No Lag Back
• No Packet
• Packet Logger
• Server Sneak
• Timer
• Toggle Sounds
• Un-Inject


• Aura
• Auto Clicker
• AutoPot
• CrystalAura
• Friends
• HitBox
• Infinite Aura
• Rapid Hit
• Teams
• Trigger Bot
• Velocity


• Ambience
• Armor HUD
• Array List
• Chunk Borders
• Click GUI
• Fullbright
• HitAnimations
• Hole ESP
• Item Animations
•Item Spin
• Keystrokes
• Nametags
• Level Info
• Matrix
• Nametags
• Nightmode
• NoBackground
•No Camera Clip
• NoFire
• NoHirtCam
• NoItemBob


• AnchorAura
• AutoFarm
• Breaker
• BuildReach
• DJ
• Extinguisher
• InstaBreak
• InteractSpam
• Nuker
• Scaffold
• Storage Aura


• Anti Hunger
• Anti Mobile
• Auto Armor
• Auto Spell Book
• AutoTool
• Chest Stealer
• Derp
• FastUse
• Franky
• God Mode
• Healt Alert
• Hunger Spoof
• Inventory Cleaner
• Killsults
• LoudActions
• Node Buff
• No Fall
• No Rotate
• No Swing
• Old Swim
• Regen
• Silent Actions
• Spammer

Best Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) Hacked Clients (for iOS, Android, and PC)

Hacked ClientPlatformVersionDownload
HorionComputerMinecraft Bedrock EditionDOWNLOAD
Strike InternalComputerMinecraft Bedrock EditionDOWNLOAD
Nitr0ComputerMinecraft Bedrock EditionDOWNLOAD
ZephyrComputerMinecraft Bedrock EditionDOWNLOAD
ToolboxAndroidMinecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE)DOWNLOAD
Plug TooliOSMinecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE)DOWNLOAD
Riverain 40k SpecialiOS and AndroidMinecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE)DOWNLOAD
SketchClientV2iOS and AndroidMinecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE)DOWNLOAD
EM ClientiOS and AndroidMinecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE)DOWNLOAD

How Does The Minecraft PE Cheats APK Work?

Hacked Clients do exist for Minecraft PE. However, we strongly advise against downloading any such APKs for Minecraft PE hacks. Downloading these APK files is dangerous, as they frequently contain additional malicious software such as viruses and malware. It’s not worth exposing your device to such risks.
Often, these APK files not only contain Minecraft PE hacks, but are also loaded with other malicious content. We urge users to look at safer alternatives, such as the trusted, safe hacked clients explored in this article.

Understanding your need for safe and reliable hacking clients, this guide focuses not on the uncertain world of APK hacks for Minecraft PE, but rather on three of the top Minecraft Pocket Edition and Bedrock Edition hacked clients: [Name], [Name], and [Name]. These have undergone rigorous testing and shown no traces of malware or viruses. We’ve done the research to bring you the safest options for your gaming needs.

Toolbox Hacked Client

Toolbox Hacked Client
Toolbox Hacked Client

If you are not playing on a computer, we suggest you download the Toolbox hacked client for Android. There is no reason to worry when downloading the Toolbox client because it is on Google Play, which proves the version’s safety status to be secure. You don’t have to visit any sketchy website to download it — just open Google Play and search for Toolbox for Minecraft: PE. What’s more, these minecraft hacks also come with the benefit of being free to download. Not to mention the simplicity of its setup process. 


The only requirement to use Toolbox is to have Minecraft Bedrock Edition installed. Once this is done, you will have access to a range of fantastic features, such as: 

  • Xray
  • Mini Map
  • Armour HUD
  • Modified Health Bar
  • Rapid Build
  • Spawn Items
  • Enchant Items 

Plug Tool for Minecraft

Plug Tool for Minecraft
Plug Tool for Minecraft

So far, we have covered both the Android and PC versions of Minecraft Bedrock. However, we are aware that many players play on an iOS device. For these people, we would suggest downloading Plug Tool for Minecraft. Similar to the Toolbox Hacked Client for Android, this Plug Tool can be downloaded on the App Store, guaranteeing its safety. What’s more, it works on Pocket Edition servers and a Minecraft Realm, too!

Pocket Edition Cheats Included

The Plug Tool client’s core ability is to modify the legit and real Minecraft Bedrock by giving the player various powers. Let me explain; using the app’s interface, you use cheats like:

  • Spawn items
  • Xray
  •  Add enchantment levels to your character
  • Change your game mode
  • Turn on PvP
  • Increase or decrease walk speed
  • Change spawn point

We found that the Plug Tool client for iOS is very similar to the Toolbox client for Android, as both include very similar Pocket Edition mods.

Riverain 40k Special

Riverain 40k Special
Riverain 40k Special

The primary objective of the Riverrain 40k Special hacked client is to reduce lag for Pocket Edition Minecraft. While it doesn’t add any hacks or cheats, it does make gameplay much more enjoyable, to the extent that I felt it would be worth adding to this list. For this reason, we only suggest this client to a hacker who has only just begun hacking Minecraft to ease them into the process.

To provide context, the client was because the content creator Riverrain reached 40,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The client makes the pocket edition textures noticeably smoother, which raises the frame rate. In addition, bows have indicators that tell the player when it’s at full strength. Furthermore, the shorter swords texture pack is incorporated into the client, making swords take up significantly less space on the screen.



The SketchClient V2 is the second hacked client made by Chainsketch. It was created because his channel reached 1000 subscribers on YouTube. 

SketchClientV2 contains the most features of all the clients on this list. One of its most unique features is being able to toggle hacks ON and OFF through Settings. Another distinguishing feature is the FPS Capper, limiting the number of frames per second the game will run. All this is made more accessible by the client’s keystroke changer ability (controller only). Using this, you can change which buttons do what. 

Regardless of the Minecraft PE hacks included, the client also improves gameplay by smoothening textures. 

EM Client

EM Client
EM Client

The EM Client is well-known for being one of the original hacked clients available on mobile devices. It changes many aspects of Minecraft PE, including the menu, loading screens, and settings. 

The F1 button at the top of the screen removes the HUD, making screenshots easier and neater. Whatsmore, the mod adds numerous chat features, such as the ability to send messages multiple times through the click of a button. 

The client has many other hacks, which can be downloaded from the Add-Ons section in the Settings. In addition, the mod optimizes many elements that would otherwise slow your game down. 

The Verdict

This article provided a detailed overview of numerous hacked clients for Minecraft’s Bedrock and Pocket Edition. Whether you’re seeking a Minecraft Bedrock or Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) hack, we have rated and recommended the top choices for this year. Each client mentioned in this list is a proven standout option in 2022, offering unique features for both editions of the game. This guidance makes sure you choose the correct client for your needs, whether for Minecraft Bedrock or Pocket Edition. Please note, we’ve eliminated any distractions for a smoother read.

Furthermore, we’ve highlighted hacked clients that perform well on Android, iOS, and PC platforms, as we cover in this article’s sections 2 and 11. This broad-ranging approach ensures we’re catering for all our readers’ technology needs.

If you found this guide helpful, we would appreciate it if you follow our FacebookYoutubeTwitter and Reddit accounts and share this page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

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