Oxygen Not Included Review

Oxygen Not Included will fool you, no matter how smart you think you are.

DustyKnives from Steam

Oxygen Not Included (ONI) is a space colony simulator that wont leave you disappointed. Developed by Klei Entertainment, you and your industrious crew must figure out how to make a sustainable base for your duplicants on 1 of many asteroids of your choice.

Duplicants are the people you control that dig, build, craft, research and more at your command. ONI is all about “That fixes the first problem but makes another one”. The main resources you have to deal with throughout this game is gas, food, temperature, oxygen and stress. This game is all about designing a system that works. Believe me, this sounds easy, but it is definitely not. A lack of 1 resource can bring down a whole system, for example coal. Like all other resources in this game, coal is finite and if your main source of power is a coal generator this may be a problem. Lack of electricity means no light for crops, no crops mean no food, no food means dead duplicants. This aspect of the game always leaves you on the edge of your seat planning what to do next, because you don’t want to go down the spiral of chaos.

Speaking as a professional engineer with 20 years of experience, this is game is a true masterpiece.

Witfog from Steam

The missing tutorial and the absence of a clear explanation of what each machine does contributes to the steep learning curve found in the game. The game is packed with fresh, original content that made me wish I concentrated in Physics or Chemistry. When playing the player must feed his duplicants from a variety of food from Indigenous plants to meat from ranching critters, or they can just eat mush bars made from dirt.

Oxygen Not Included teaches you that there is always a solution to a problem you may have, well, if you haven’t quit by then. This game is great for multitasking, can be replayed hundreds of times and there is no lack of content.

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  • I can't get my 100 hours back!

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