Fortnite Soft Aim Download (ESP, Aimbot, No Recoil)

Soft Aim Fortnite

This Soft Aim Fortnite guide will explain everything you need to know about player soft aiming. In addition to providing a download link, we will also answer many common questions. Continue reading to learn more!

What is Soft Aim in Fortnite?

Soft Aim in Fortnite is a less severe version of Aimbot; however more extreme than regular Aim Assist. Players using Soft Aim are hard to recognize, as their cheats are less noticeable. Usually, players killed by Soft Aim aren’t aware they were a cheater’s victim. Instead, they thought the player was just better than them.

How To Get Soft Aimbot in Fortnite?

There are a few ways of getting Soft Aimbot in Fortnite. The most popular method involves buying the hacks from an online marketplace; this is a relatively safe process. Alternatively, players can contact Discord users that sell Soft Aim for lower prices; however, it’s much riskier. All things considered, we suggest that most players stick with online marketplaces.

What is Soft Aim in Fortnite?

Is Soft Aim Allowed in Fortnite?

The key difference between Aim Assist and Soft Aim is their strength. While Aim Assist was made to support console players, Soft Aim is a less extreme Aim Bot. Epic Games (the developers) have commented on the issue, remarking that Soft Aim is bannable. Further, they expressed that any modifications to Fortnite/s base game would result in a ban.

What Does Soft Aim Look Like?

Soft Aim’s primary selling point is how players using it can blend it. It’s challenging to identify and can be easily confused. Watch the video below if you’re interested in learning what it looks like.

Soft Aim Difference (for PC, PS4, Xbox)

Depending on what platform you’re playing Fortnite on, the method you use Soft Aim will differ. PC players have many available buttons, which can be used to toggle the cheat OFF and ON. By contrast, console players are stuck with a few options. These players have begun modifying and selling PS4 and Xbox controllers with a dedicated Soft Aim/cheat button.

Use the links below to jump straight to your platform… 👇

(Download Instructions and Link) Soft Aim Fortnite PC

If looking for a Soft Aim download for PC, you have two options depending on what you’re looking for. Either use the link below (which is free) or purchase one from an online marketplace. While the one we provided includes a range of hacks (like Aimbot and ESP), paid options might come with a few more features. Nevertheless, we’d suggest you first download our version; if you begin to like it, consider purchasing a premium alternative.

The button (found below 👇) will take you to a download tutorial for Fortnite Soft Aim.

(Hotkeys) How to Use Soft Aim in Fortnite

Here are all the hotkeys for toggling cheats ON and OFF:

  • F1: Toggle Soft Aim.
  • F2: Toggle ESP.
  • F3: Disable weapon recoil.
  • F4: Disables weapon spray/spread.

Can You Get Soft Aim? (Xbox and PS4)

Besides buying a modified controller with built-in cheat buttons, Xbox and PS4 players looking for Soft Aim are out of luck. It’s challenging to alter a console’s interface, let alone download a full-fledged Fortnite hack. As of now, there aren’t any Soft Aim clients for Xbox or PS4; we’ll update this the moment one is released.

Can You Buy Fortnite Soft Aim?

Players with some spare change have the option to buy paid versions of Fortnite Soft Aim hacks. These alternatives are usually better, as they’re less noticeable and run more smoothly. Depending on what you’re looking for, this route can set you back from $10 to $50+. Players can purchase these cheats from online marketplaces.


There you have it! We covered everything you need to know about Soft Aim in Fortnite. Now, you should be able to identify it and download it.

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