The Forest Review

‘As the lone survivor of a passenger jet crash, you find yourself in a mysterious forest battling to stay alive against a society of cannibalistic mutants.’  


The Forest is an awkward Open World Survival game developed by Endnight Games. With no clear quest or motive other than staying alive and finding his son, Eric LeBlanc finds himself lost in a forested peninsula. You are surrounded by the ruin of the plane crash and your deceased crew members’ suitcases. The number of suitcases that spawn depends on your difficulty and the location of your crash site, which can be at 1 of 3 locations.

From this point forward you can decide to do anything you want, whether it’s building, exploring, or hunting though the player possesses a guidebook, which provides useful tips and information that can help the player. Inhibiting the island, along with many other animals are tribes of nocturnal cannibals. These cannibals are the main antagonist during the game and dwell in villages. The Mutants will not immediately attack you if they see you unless they are starving. Mutants patrol the island to seek out and kill any outsiders. As the player progresses through the game stronger variations of mutant’s spawn more frequently.  Certain items or statues your player can place or apply to himself can scare the cannibals away, for example, apply red paint or placing an effigy.

Fact: Mutant Behaviour is heavily based of the game’s difficulty level.

This game is thrilling because of its intense atmosphere that reminds me of half-life 2. As you progress you notice cave entrances scattered around the map, these caves contain a multitude of items from a better axe, a bow, and a katana. But beware, dispersed throughout the cave are deadly mutants. If you choose to enter a cave you are recommended to bring lots of food and drinks because of the difficulty of the creatures in them

The game may be hard at times because the surrounding nature seems to do everything you abolish your player’s morale. The thrilling but stressful game uses compressed landscapes to build tension even if you are just exploring. Eventually, you will want to build a house so you can store loot or build useful structures, this may be a struggle though. Once the mutants that patrol your island find your base they will flee back to their tribe and share the news. This will result in a horde of mutants attempting to destroy your base. This is OK if you have set up traps but if you haven’t then this may be a problem. This situation can be avoided if the player is able to pick out the patrolling mutant before he runs back to his tribe.

The player also has a HUD that can be found in the bottom right of the screen. This depicts their Hunger, Armour, Stamina, Health, and Thirst. The game can also be played in Virtual Reality where you play on the same island doing the same thing as the Non-Virtual Reality version.

Overall, this game was exhilarating and even scary to play and the VR mode was fantastic. The AI is intelligent and the amount of content within this game blew me away.

The Forest









  • Tense Atmosphere
  • Compact design
  • AI
  • Content


  • Once you get the hang of survival it becomes much easier
  • Finishing the game is very complicated

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