What Does Karma Mean in BitLife?

This page contains information on what karma means in BitLife.

Karma is a means of the universe to record your actions towards other people and your environment. Despite karma being a mythical phenomenon in the real world, in the game, however, karma is portrayed as a social credit. If your character does good deeds, the game will reward them.

On the other hand, if your character performs evil deeds, the game has its way of punishing characters who go against the law and harm others. Therefore, each decision your character makes in BitLife has a karmic consequence on their score. Positive actions will grow your karma, while negative ones will drastically drop your karma. Being good with the universe will aid in increasing the longevity of your character’s life.

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How to Check Your Karma in BitLife

The first way of checking karma, which is rather uncomfortable, is to kill your character. The other conventional way is meditation. It is done by heading to the Mind and Body tab and selecting meditation.

Deeds That Increase Karma in BitLife

The main action that increases your karma levels is being polite to people around you. Your character can do this by complementing them, helping out when they are in need, and being kind to them. Your character’s karma can also increase when they report suspicious activity to the police, offering service to their country of birth by enrolling in the military. Additionally, being charitable also raises your karmic levels. Saving people from dangerous situations also boosts your karmic levels significantly.

In general, being helpful to and prioritizing the well-being of others around you positively impacts the karma levels of your character.

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Deeds That Decrease Karma in BitLife

On the flip side, some activities harm your karma levels. One of the most common is engaging in criminal activities, which eventually lead to jail time. Indulging in drugs also decreases one’s karmic levels. Another action is engaging in verbal arguments with people, resulting in physical fights and disturbance of people around you. This significantly drops your karma levels.

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