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Fallout 4: How to Find Lost Companions (Dogmeat, Piper, more)

This page contains information on how to find companions in Fallout 4.

Losing your companion is a common issue in the game that can name frustrated players.

Therefore, it is vital to know when a companion goes missing. One of the most common reasons is that the owner told them to head somewhere. If this happens, head to the Workshop menu and click Resources, then Miscellaneous. After doing this, build a bell, which is very useful because when it is ringed, all settlers in the community will stop their daily activities from coming and gathering around you. Remember to build the bell at the center of the settlement to allow people enough space to gather. This is an excellent method of bringing back lost companions.

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How to Find Companions After Dismissing Them

The first way is to search for the settlements you sent them to. Therefore, running around searching for the common settlement areas will result in you finding the companion. For Dogmeat, search for him inside the various doghouses in the settlement. Alternatively, you can build him a place where it will be easy to remember.

Additionally, you can also try searching for him during the night. If you may have forgotten where you assigned your companion a settlement, check the Pip-Boy for your settlement population count and go ahead and search for all inhabited settlements.

Sometimes, your companion may be right before you, but it may be difficult for your character to spot them. You can use VATS to highlight potential targets in the settlements. The target implies any living creature, whether friendly or hostile, towards your character. Therefore, it could get busy in highly populated or well-guarded areas.

Players can also opt to look for them at their original residence if you have not chosen for them to follow you after gaining your companionship.

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