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What Are Lifetime Meters in Temple Run 2?

This page contains information on what lifetime meters are in Temple Run 2.

What Are Lifetime Meters in Temple Run 2?

Lifetime meters are the total distance and the number of coins a player has collected throughout all the games of Temple Run 2. For instance, if your first run was 500 meters and the second one was 1200 meters, this means that your lifetime meter count is 1700.

Lifetime Meter Achievement in Temple Run 2
Lifetime Meter Achievement in Temple Run 2

When you head to your third game and score a run of 2000, your lifetime meter count goes up to 3700, and so on.

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What Are Lifetime Coins in Temple Run 2?

These refer to the number of coins a player collects throughout gameplay history. The coins collected can be used to buy power-ups, characters, and other items found in the store.

To check your lifetime coins, head to your profile page to see the total number of coins collected while playing the game. The coins can be obtained by regularly playing or finishing the various tasks and objectives. The more lifetime coins, the more dedication and skills players showcase in becoming a master of the game.

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How to Get Lifetime Runs in Temple Run 2

When players first download the game, they are given two run times. On the first run, they are rewarded with 100 coins; on the second, they are rewarded with 600 coins. Lifetime runs mean the number of runs players have made throughout their gameplay.  

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