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What Is the High Score in Temple Run

This page contains information on what is the high score in Temple Run.

Highest Score on Temple Run 2

According to the Guinness World Records, the highest score in the iOS version is 67,702,984. Thymufasa707, who resides in the United States of America, achieved it. He reached this score on 10th July 2013.

Unfortunately, the game has no end. It is an endless running game. The player plays until the character hits an obstacle, is eaten by a demon monkey, or falls into the water.

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Fastest Character in Temple Run

Karma Lee is undoubtedly the fastest character in the game. She is available for 25,000 coins in Temple Run 1 and 5,000 in Temple Run 2. She is often described as having the fastest legs in the Far East.  

Temple Run 2 Achievements

The Novice Runner is an achievement that is attained when players run a total of 500 meters. The Pocket Challenge is another achievement whereby players must collect 100 coins. Another fun challenge is the Stingy Challenge, whereby players must run for a total of 250m without collecting any coins. The Spartan Challenge requires players to collect 1 million coins without using any powerups. A challenging task is the Steady Feet. This task requires players to run 2500 meters without tripping. The Weakly Challenged requires players to complete a weekly challenge without any mistakes.

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