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How Many Levels Are in Temple Run 2?

This page contains information on how many levels there are in Temple Run 2.

Temple Run 2 has a total of 44 different objectives that players are required to achieve. These objectives are equally distributed through the various levels in the game. There are a total of 15 levels in Temple Run 2.

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Is There an End for Temple Run 2?

Unfortunately, Temple Run has no definitive end. This is because all the levels are created dynamically, and players can proceed to play for a very long time. As you continue running, the game keeps on building new paths and obstacles. Additionally, a set amount of conditions, such as trees and long and short gaps, mixed infinitely, keeps the players’ curiosity on edge, wondering what happens next in the game. There is no point that you will see the end credits in Temple Run 2.

The only three methods of ending the game are as follows: the player’s mobile device runs out of battery, the character dies by hitting an obstacle or being eaten by one of the various dangerous animals, or out of anger and frustration, the player bursts their phone.

Temple Run 2 Levels and Objectives

With the 44 objectives present, the final objective is the Infinirunner objective, which requires players to run 10,000,000 lifetime meters. These objectives may take one or two human years to complete if the player is running 5000 meters each round.

The game consists of 44 objectives, with some of the hardest including the Jackpot, which requires players to collect five gems in one run. Another difficult objective is the 10 Million Club, which demands players to score a total of 10, 000,000 points. The Spartan also requires players to gather 1 million points without using any power-ups. With these objectives, the game becomes more complex and longer.

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