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How to Use Resurrection Wings in Temple Run

This page contains information on how to use resurrection wings in Temple Run.

When you make a mistake and are knocked down in Temple Run, you can resurrect your character using the Resurrection Wings. They come in handy when you are trying to complete a challenging mission in one run.

To use the Resurrection Wings, double-tap on your screen each time you sense you are about to fall or get captured by the creatures. When you tap on your screen, transparent wings will emerge at your character’s back, preventing them from being knocked down.

The game also introduced a new feature called the Permanent Resurrection Wings. While running, they can be activated by watching some ads on the game, enabling you to continue your game without starting again.

How to Get Resurrection Wings

The wings can be easily acquired from the store. For you to buy the Resurrection Wings, you would need 500 coins; for the Permanent Wings, they cost up to 10,000 coins. The more coins you gather, your chances of purchasing the wings improve.

At the lobby of Temple Run, there are various tabs on the screen. Head to the Store section and search for Utilities. In this section, you will find both wings, and you can choose the one you want to buy.

How to Use Head Starts

Head starts give your character an extra boost at the beginning of the game. To have the head start, you will need to have not less than 2500 coins to unlock it. Gather coins while running until you collect enough to purchase a head start.

Once you have 2500 coins, go ahead and start a new run. You will see a Head Start option at the center of your screen. Tap on the option, and it will be activated. Since they are costly, use them wisely when finishing objectives requiring Head Start usage. To unlock another Head Start option, you need to gather 10,000 coins.

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