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How to Get Pokemon to Follow You (Pokemon BDSP)

This page contains information on how to get Pokemon to follow you.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is a remake of the legendary Diamond and Pearl games. The game introduces players to a region known as Sinnoh, with various features unavailable in the other game titles. One of the features is the ability to make Pokemon follow you.

It is an easy task to accomplish. However, the feature is not available at the start of the game. This is because there are several restrictions players need to put before the feature is unlocked.


How to Make Pokemon Follow You in BDSP

To begin, players must progress their game until they arrive at Hearthome City. This will not take long to achieve since it depends on how fast you navigate through the Gyms. However, exploring the map and leveling up your Pokemon may take longer.

Once you Hearthome City, head north, passing through the city until you reach Amity Square. When you arrive at Amity Square, you will be asked if you want to walk a cute Pokemon in the park for some time. Therefore, this implies you will need a Pokemon, which is famous for being cute, such as Prinplup or Pikachu. After walking the Pokemon in the park, exit the park.

This implies that you will now have the ability to walk any of your Pokemon alongside you. Additionally, players are not restricted to only taking cute Pokemons for a walk. Still, you will be limited to one Pokemon at a time.

To make Pokemon follow you, press the X button on your Nintendo Switch to bring up the menu. Head to the Pokemon section of the menu and go to the Pokemon you would like to walk. Press the A button on the Pokemon and select the Walk Together option.

Doing this will enable the Pokemon to follow you, take pictures together, and you can even hang out together. If you wish, you can return to the menu and tap on the Pokemon to return them to their ball if you don’t want them to follow you around again.

How Do You Change Which Pokemon Follows You in Brilliant Diamond?

To do this, head to the Friendship room in various Pokemon Centers. Once you get there, interact with the Pokemon you want to follow and select the Let’s Go Together option. This will make the Pokemon you choose to start following you.

How Do You Track Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond?

To track your Pokemon, a Pokemon tracker app is located at the bottom of the screen in your Nintendo Switch. The feature lets you view nearby Pokemon and their rough location on the map. Moreover, the tracker also shows the type of Pokemon and the area it can be found in.

Tips and Tricks for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

The first trick applies when choosing the best character. If you want an easy game because you are new to Pokemon, choose the Fire Type Chimchar as your starter. This is because there is a scarcity of Fire Type Pokemon in the game, making him a vital and helpful Pokemon.

If you want challenging gameplay, select the Grass Type, Turtwig, or head for the Water Type, Piplup, if you want an even more significant challenge. They are good Pokemon and will stick with you to the end of the game. However, the Pokemon are ineffective in eliminating the game’s Gym Leaders and Elite Four.

Since the game uses the Pokemon Type chart, each Pokemon in the game has unique strengths as well as weaknesses. Some of the Pokemon are immune to specific types of attacks. When you defeat a Pokemon for the first time, you can note if their attacks are effective or ineffective when fighting them.

Therefore, players must have a diverse team covering a vast range of types.

Another tip is to hide the Poketch. Players can bring the Poketch alongside its several apps by tapping the R button. When you have finished using it, hold down the R button on your Nintendo Switch, and the Poketch will disappear. This will make your view less cluttered.

Another valuable tip is to try and talk to every character. This is because random NPCs have been known throughout the Pokemon universe to give out essential healing items. Therefore, ensure you interact with most characters in the game, enabling you to obtain important free items they may offer.  

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