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The highest CP Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Are you on a quest to become one of the strongest Pokemon Trainers in Pokemon GO? Looking for the highest CP pokemon to build a powerful team that can dominate in battles and takes over gyms in no time? Well, you are at just the perfect place. 

Pokemon Go was released in 2016. Many games lose their popularity over time, but Pokemon Go is truly one of a kind. It continues to be one of the most beloved games that bring Pokemon fans worldwide together. While many players solely focus on collecting as many Pokemons as they can, others strive to create the most powerful team with the strongest Pokemon. In this article, we take a closer look at some of the highest CP pokemon in Pokemon Go.

What is CP in Pokemon GO?

CP stands for combat points. It is basically the average of the Pokemon’s base stats modified with a secret modifier called IV (Individual stats). It helps to determine a Pokemon’s effectiveness in battle. Every individual Pokemon has its own unique CP. A Pokemon’s CP is influenced by multiple factors, including its species, size, and Trainer level. Even if you catch two Pikachus, they are likely not going to have the same CP. 

A Pokemon’s CP can be compared to a Pokemon’s level in the mainstream games — meaning it is possible for a Pokemon to have a high CP with low IV (Individual stat) or vice versa. Players are able to get an estimate about the amount of damage their Pokemon may do to their opponent using the CP. 

High CP Mewtwo
High CP Mewtwo

To put it simply, a higher CP means a stronger Pokemon. Although you can always use type advantages to beat your opponents, if there is a big difference between CPs between the two, it won’t do much good. 

As you move ahead in your journey collecting XP and becoming a better trainer, the CP of the Pokemon you capture will generally be higher. Nonetheless, certain Pokemon will always have lower CP compared to others by nature. I mean, no matter how good of a trainer you become, you will never find a Magikarp with a great CP; it will always be useless!

A Pokemon’s HP (Hit Points), Attack, and Defence stats all have an impact on its Combat Points. In addition, the level of the Pokemon and the IVs (individual stats) also have a role in this. Since all of these are connected, players have come up with a formula to find out the max combat power of a Pokemon. 

The formula of Peak Combat Power: 

((Base Attack + 15) X ((Base Defense + 15)^0.5 X (Base Stamina + 15)^0.5 X (Total CP Multiplier)^2 ÷ CP's value of 10.

Highest CP Pokemon in Pokemon GO

As of April 2023, the highest CP Pokemon in Pokemon GO is Mega Latios, with a whooping CP of 5661. A majority of the Pokemon in this list are Pokemon with Mega Evolution. It is worth mentioning that while Mega Evolutions of Pokemon have very high CP values, these forms are only temporary.

Here is a review of the whole list, along with their base stats:

PokemonMax CPAttackDefenseStamina
Mega Latios5661 335241190
Mega Latias5428289297190
Mega Gyarados5332237186216
Mega Charizard Y5037223173186
Mega Gengar4902261149155
Mega Ampheros4799211169207
Kyogre and Groudon4652270228205

1. Mega Latios

Mega Latios
Mega Latios

If you have been following the Pokemon series, I’m sure you remember these two Latios and Latias. These pair are two of the few legendary Pokemons that have the capability to mega-evolve. Mega Latios has a slight advantage over Mega Latias in attack, hence the higher CP. Its max Cp is 5661. However, just like a legendary Pokemon in the anime, it is very hard to get, and its mega energy is even harder to come by.

2. Mega Latias

Mega Latias
Mega Latias

Mega Latios is closely followed by Mega Latias, being the more the defensive Pokemon of the two. Its max CP is 5428 after mega evolution. There is no doubt about its stats or its moves set. However, just like Latias, it is not easy for Pokemon trainers to find or capture a Mega Latias.

3. Mega Gyarados

Mega Gyarados
Mega Gyarados

Yes, we made fun of Magikarp. Who knew a useless Magikarp would go on to become one of the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon GO? Mega Gyarados can have a max CP of 5332. While mega-evolutions are great and all, they do come with some setbacks. 

  • You cannot use them in PvP.
  • They have an eight-hour duration.
  • You need Mega energy.

So players must choose the right circumstances to Mega Evolve their Pokemon. Despite all that, this Pokemon is unrivaled and more than sufficient to overwhelm any opponent.

4. Mega Charizard Y

‘Mega Charizard Y
‘Mega Charizard Y

If you are a fan of the Pokemon anime, you are definitely a fan of Charizard. Even in Pokemon GO, Charizard remains one of the strongest Pokemon with a max CP of 5,037. This fire-type Pokemon has the ability to annihilate any opponents in its path and has one of the strongest Attack stats in the game.

5. Slacking


It’s amazing how Slacking manages to break into this list full of legendaries and mega-evolutions. Its max CP is 5010. Its high HP and stamina make it a great pokemon to defend many gyms. While its move set is comparatively limited, if you are looking for a powerful nonlegendary pokemon without a mega evolution in your team, Slaking is a no-brainer. 

6. Regigigas


Regigias is perhaps the legendary Pokemon with the highest CP at the moment. This normal-type Pokemon has a max CP of 4,913. Regigigas a very impressive attacking stats that is complemented by good defense and stamina. However, it is one of the hardest Pokemon to obtain since it is hidden behind very limited Raids. 

7. Mega Gengar

Mega Gengar
Mega Gengar

Yes, another Mega Evolution. Its excellent Attack stats make up for its lack of endurance. Its max CP is 4,092. It has one of the greatest attack stats in the game with an amazing type combination, ghost, and poison, making it a great asset to your team. 

8. Mega Ampharos

Mega Ampharos
Mega Ampharos

Ampharos was a cute little electric type from generation II. It gets a tremendous boost when it mega-evolves. This Pokemon gains the dragon type and achieves a CP of 4,799. It is the most powerful electric-type Pokemon in the game and is definitely a keeper if you are frequently battling against Water and Flying type Pokemon. 

9. Mewtwo


Mewtwo is one of the most popular legendary Pokemon in anime. Mewtwo, with a maximum CP of 4,724, gives gamers the ideal Psychic-type offensive. Its Shadow form has the same maximum CP, but because of the Shadow boost, it has considerably more attack power.

10. Groudon and Kyogre

Groudon and Kyogre
Groudon and Kyogre

Yes, the spot is tied. With a great 4,652 CP, they mirror one another in every way. Their basic stats are also identical. They both have great attack and defense stats and are fairly simple to obtain compared to other legendary Pokemon in this list. However, it is to note that if you want to get to their max CP, you will need to spend a lot of Stardust. 

If you are looking to build a strong team to put up against any opponent, you don’t need to go too far beyond this list. Knowing about the top 10 highest CP pokemon in Pokemon Go can be a valuable tool for increasing the chances of winning battles and dominating gyms. However, battling strategies are important too. A pokemon’s type, moves, and individual stats also majorly impact battles. So make sure you do your research regarding each of their best moves and the type-advantages to bring out the best in them. 

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and catch’em all fellow Trainer! 

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