How to Beat Level 28 on Homescapes (Tips and Tricks)

We know how hard it is to find real answers to problems like how to beat level 28 on Homescapes. Hence, why we provide easy solutions for players. This level has 21 moves and requires you to collect doughnuts and lay carpets. 

This task can be challenging for most players, so we have provided easy and guided solutions to progress in the game. Let’s check them out. 

Level 28 Objective

The main objective in level 28 of Homescapes is to collect five doughnuts and lay 78 green carpets, using 21 moves. 

With the limited number of moves provided, players are advised to strategically match puzzle pieces and focus on completing the level’s objective. There are no time restrictions, so you can always take your time when planning those winning moves.

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How to Beat Level 28

To beat this level, you must destroy the brown boxes on the field, bring down the doughnuts to the bottom, and lay green carpets across the entire field. Start by matching the pieces in the middle. Doing this will simultaneously attack boxes on both sides. Some boxes are double-locked and need more moves to destroy; power-ups come in handy here.

Use the rainbow ball, bomb, and rocket power-ups to create wide-area effects, cut across the field, and in combination to deploy powerful moves. Keep targeting pieces close to the boxes and avoid matching the ones already on green carpets.

Once you have cleared all the boxes, you might still have a few grey tiles or doughnuts left. Having a rainbow ball power-up will be helpful as it can target specific pieces of the same color and create a cascade effect that will affect other colors. Rinse, repeat, and make good decisions to beat level 28.

Power-Ups for Level 28

You get awarded power-ups when you match three or more pieces. These power-ups will help you beat the level faster. 

Below are the power-ups available in level 28 and their functions:

  1. Hammers clear a puzzle piece from a tile.
  2. Paper planes remove one random piece from the tile.
  3. Bombs remove a significant number of pieces from the field, and they can be activated by double tapping it.
  4. Rockets destroy puzzle pieces in rows and columns depending on their location on the tile.
  5. Rainbow balls remove all similar puzzle pieces from the field.

Below are steps on how to create power-ups on Homescapes: 

  1. Matching four pieces in a line gets you the rocket power-up.
  2. To acquire the bomb power-up, you must match five pieces in a T or L form.
  3. Also, you need to match five pieces to get a rainbow ball.
  4. Matching four pieces in a square will get you a paper plane. 

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