How to Beat Level 57 on Homescapes (Tips and Tricks)

Figuring out how to beat level 57 on Homescapes is crucial in progressing through the game. Players’ progress in this level heavily depends on the ability to use several moves to collect cherries and lay carpets. 

Level 57 requires you to collect pieces, lay carpets, collect doughnuts, and remove the cookies. All these are done with a limited number of moves, so you must use the allocated moves wisely. Read through the article for tips on how to complete level 57.

Level 57 Objective

The main objective of this level is to collect fourteen cherries and lay 93 green carpets in 24 moves. For this stage, the cherries (14 required) are the pieces you are to collect, and while doing so, you lay green carpets (93 required). It is important to remember that you have just 24 moves to work with, so tactical gameplay and proper planning are paramount. 

How to Beat Level 57

Match five or more pieces at the top to get a rainbow ball. Continue to look for three or more pieces that can match in rows, columns, or square forms. Matching the pieces lays the green carpets and creates power-ups that are key in beating level 57. Combine the rainbow ball with other power-ups to create practical effects.

Target pieces close to pink bubbles to open them. Some pink bubbles will take more than one hit to break open and obtain the cherry within. Hence, prioritize combining the rainbow ball with the bomb power-up. The combination of both power-ups causes massive damage to pink bubbles and has a wide area effect.

The rocket power-up is also helpful vertically or horizontally across the tiles, so try to utilize it. Carefully matching pieces, combining specified power-ups, and prioritizing breaking bubbles will see you beat level 57 in no time.

Power-Ups for Level 57

Players are awarded power-ups when three or more pieces are matched. These power-ups are used to beat a level faster. 

Below are the power-ups available in level 57 with their functions:

  1. Paper planes remove one random piece. 
  2. Hammers clear a piece from the tile.
  3. Bombs remove many pieces from the field, which can be activated by double tapping.
  4. The positions of rockets on the field determine the tiles they clear. They destroy puzzle pieces in rows and columns. 
  5. Rainbow balls remove all identical pieces on the field.

Below are steps on how to get power-ups in Homescapes:

  1. When you match four puzzle pieces, you get the rocket power-up. 
  2. To acquire the bomb power-up, you must match five pieces in a T or L form.
  3. Also, you need to match five pieces to get a rainbow ball.
  4. Matching four pieces in a square will get you a paper plane. 

… you can activate power-ups by double-tapping them and earn valuable coins by matching and destroying more pieces in the level.

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