How to Beat Level 181 on Homescapes (Tips and Tricks)

This article discusses tips and tricks on how to beat level 181 on Homescapes

Level 181 Objective

In level 181, you only have one objective: to collect 33 power-ups encased in ice cubes.

This level provides players with ten moves that require a strategic approach to match puzzle pieces correctly. Players must focus on completing the level’s objective. There are no time restrictions, so you can always take your time when planning those winning moves. In addition, make moves that will help you complete the level and not make random matches.

How to Beat Level 181

To beat level 181, a player can start by matching the pieces in the middle. Doing this will simultaneously attack boxes on both sides. Some boxes are double-locked and require more moves to destroy; power-ups come in handy here. 

It’s not a race, so you can form a strategy at your own pace, as there’s no time limit. Also, keep track of the number of moves you have left after making different matches with your given moves. This will help you make smart choices concerning completing your objectives.

You can use the rainbow ball, bomb, and rocket power-ups resourcefully to create wide-area effects, cut across the field, and in combination to deploy powerful moves. This way, the player will increase the number of power-ups available. Keep targeting pieces close to the boxes and avoid matching the ones already on green carpets.

At this level, it will be useful to have a rainbow ball power-up because it can target pieces of the same color. This will create a cascade effect and affect puzzle pieces of different colors. With that, the player can save a good amount of moves. You can activate the available power-ups by simply double tapping on them.

Power-Ups for Level 181

Matching pieces together, like four or more pieces, will earn player power-ups. These power-ups will help you beat the level faster with the limited number of moves available.

Below are the power-ups and their functions:

  1. Paper planes remove one random piece from the tile.
  2. Bombs eliminate a significant number of pieces from the field.
  3. Rockets destroy puzzle pieces in rows and columns depending on their location on the tile.
  4. Rainbow balls remove all puzzle pieces of the same color from the field.

Below are steps on how to create power-ups on Homescapes level 181:

  1. To acquire the bomb power-up, match five pieces in a T or L form.
  2. Match five pieces to get a rainbow ball.
  3. Matching four pieces in a square will result in a paper plane.
  4. Matching four pieces in a line will result in a rocket power-up.

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