How To Beat Level 122 on Homescapes (Tips and Tricks)

First off, congrats on reaching level 122 on Homescapes. Now, to get through this level, there are several tricks up our sleeve that can help you navigate through this hard level.

Level 122’s main goal is to gather all 30 toys spread over the board. To gather the toys, make matches with the pieces on the board.

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How To Beat Level 122

Clearing the blocks is one of the most useful techniques for this level. Begin the level by removing the blocks that are in your way; this will make more area for you to make matches.

Step 1

Firstly, match the green pieces together, which will, in turn, match the yellow and blue pieces, creating a paper plane next to the chained blocks.

Step 2

Secondly, match the blue pieces together, which will break one of the chains locking the block, making it more vulnerable and creating a color bomb next to the chain.

Step 3

Thirdly, tap the large color bomb which will create more bombs around the blockade, and together with the paper plane, they will simultaneously explode, breaking the chains surrounding the block. This will make the color pieces flow down into the once chained area.

Lastly, tap on the paper plane next to the remaining chained area, creating a power bomb that will clear the remaining chains, making you pass the level.

Power-Ups for Level 122

Bombs are one of the most popular power-ups at this level. Making a bomb is as simple as aligning four pieces of the same color in a square shape. It clears an entire column or row of pieces when it is ready and operational.

Paper planes are another power-up. It is constructed by arranging five pieces of the same color in a T or L form. When engaged, it will collect a certain object off the board and transport it to the bottom.

Hammers are also useful power-ups because they can remove a single piece off the board.

Hue bombs, which can be generated by matching five pieces of the same color, are one of the finest power-ups. They remove all pieces of the chosen color from the board.

Following the tactics outlined above, beating level 122 should be a piece of cake. Best of luck!

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