How to Beat Level 69 on Homescapes

Homescapes is one of the games that will always keep you glued to your device. It’s fun and challenging, with many unique storylines and lovely ideas for decorating. Level 69 can be very frustrating if you don’t play it right. For this article, let’s look at how to beat level 69 on Homescapes.

You must clear 40 yellow lamps and 50 green lay carpets for this level in 14 moves. You’ll be dealing with six different tiles. They include lamps, cups, books, buttons, bowties, and teapots. 

How to Beat Level 69 on Homescapes Without Boosters in 14 Moves

First, work on getting a power-up. Use this power-up to target the yellow lamps horizontally or vertically. It will help clear some of the sealed brown boxes and yellow lamps. For the next step, create the bomb and rocket power-ups. These two power-ups should be in the same horizontal position as the two disco balls on the field.

Combining these two power-ups will create a ripple effect on the game field. At this point, all the brown boxes are no longer there. You already see many green-lay carpets on the field. Keep on working on activating more combined power-ups across the area. You’ll be able to reach your goals within the shortest time. 

Below are some other tips you need to know before you start playing:

  1. You don’t need to rush. You only have 14 moves, and you need to use them wisely if you want to win,
  2. Please focus on the level’s objective, don’t make matches that won’t help you achieve it within the shortest time.

Power-Ups for Level 69

Players can create unique power-ups by matching similar tiles in a specific pattern. To get a power-up, you must match three or more tiles of the same type. These power-ups will help you finish a level quickly and utilize your moves strategically.

Here are a few power-ups you can use for your game:

  1. Bombs: Match five tiles of the same type in the shape of a T or L
  2. Hammers(booster)
  3. Rockets: Four pieces of the same type on a straight line (horizontally or vertically)
  4. Disco balls: Match five pieces of tiles together on a straight line (horizontally or vertically)
  5. Paper planes: Match four pieces of the same tiles in a square shape.

…these power-ups have their unique qualities. The bomb will help clear a lot of space on the playing field. The paper plane on their hand does this on a smaller scale. It will remove the pieces of tiles you target. The disco ball will help remove all the tiles of a particular color from the field. 

Players can activate these power-ups by swapping or double-tapping them. In addition, players can also combine these powers for better results. If you feel the power-ups are insufficient, you can buy boosters to finish the game quickly. 

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