How to Beat Level 78 on Homescapes

Homescapes, a sequel to Gardenscapes, has been widely acknowledged as one of the best match-three games online. If you’re at level 78, you might feel like uninstalling the app because it seems impossible. This article seeks to explain how to beat level 78 on Homescapes

Clearing the cookies and laying carpets is the only requirement for this level. And you have to do this in 24 moves. To remove the cookies, you need to match tiles close to them. For the green carpets, you have to destroy as many pieces as possible. 

How to Beat Level 78 on Homescape in 24 Moves Without Boosters

In level 78, you’ll see a lot of cookies on the field. First, you need to create the bomb power-up. When activated, its impact, when activated, will clear off some cookies from the area. Secondly, Work on creating another bomb power-up. At the same time, work on creating a paper plane. 

When combined with the bomb power-up, you can open up many of the lay carpets on the game field. All things being equal, you should be in the second field by now. Work on creating the paper plane and rocket power-ups for this game field.

You can activate them alone across the game field; any way you choose, you’ll quickly finish the game. Overall, try to fire many power-ups for the second field aside from this. Players should understand that they need to play this level patiently and strategically. Sometimes, players don’t need a power-up to clear the cookies or lay the carpet.

Power-Ups for Level 78

For power-ups, you need to match more than three tiles together. Players can use four major power-ups to finish this game. They include the following:

  1. Bombs
  2. Paper planes
  3. Rockets
  4. Disco balls
  5. hammers(boosters)

…for the bomb power-up, match five tiles of the same type together in the shape of a T or an L. For the rockets, match three tiles of the same kind in a straight line. The same goes for the disco ball, but you’ll need five tiles. 

For the paper plane, match four tiles in a square shape. You can easily activate these power-ups by swiping or double-tapping them. You can also combine them to gain better results. That said, if you have money, try and purchase boosters. This will help you finish the game quickly.

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