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Where to Catch Shiny Gyarados in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

This page contains information on where to find Red Gyarados in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. We’ll explain exactly where to find the infamous Shiny Gyarados.

Some players are willing to play through the game until they encounter one in the wild. But if you’re really keen, you should use the guide below, as we outline which routes and locations you should prioritize to increase your chances of encountering the pokemon.

You’re encounter chance depends on which fishing rod you’re using. There are three rods in the game:

  • The Old Rod
  • The Good Rod
  • The Super Rod

If you’re using the Old Rod, there is a 0% chance of encountering Shiny Gyarados anywhere. So we suggest you hold out shiny-hunting until you unlock either the Good Rod or Super Rod. Preferably, you have the Super Rod, as it will maximise your chances.

If you’re shiny-hunting in the correct location, you can expect a 1 in 4096 chance of encountering Red Gyarados. So set aside at least a few hours for shiny hunting. You can use the Shiny Charm to boost your chances to 1 in 1365.

Besides catching a Shiny Gyarados in the wild, many players opt for catching a shiny Magicarp instead then evolving it, as it has a much more favourable encounter rate.

The locations where you can catch Red Gyarados depend on which fishing rod you’re using.

Which do you have?

The Good Rod

Great Marsh Area 1Good Rod
Great Marsh Area 2Good Rod
Great Marsh Area 3Good Rod
Great Marsh Area 4Good Rod
Great Marsh Area 6Good Rod

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The Super Rod

Canalave CitySuper Rod
Celestic TownSuper Rod
Eterna CitySuper Rod
Fuego IronworksSuper Rod
Great Marsh Area 1Super Rod
Great Marsh Area 2Super Rod
Great Marsh Area 3Super Rod
Great Marsh Area 4Super Rod
Great Marsh Area 6Super Rod
Iron Island OutsideSuper Rod
Lake AcuitySuper Rod
Lake ValorSuper Rod
Lake Verity After GalacticSuper Rod
Lake Verity Before GalacticSuper Rod
Mt. Coronet 4FSuper Rod
Mt. Coronet B1FSuper Rod
Oreburgh Gate B1FSuper Rod
Pastoria CitySuper Rod
Pokemon LeagueSuper Rod
Ravaged PathSuper Rod
Resort AreaSuper Rod
Route 203Super Rod
Route 204 NorthSuper Rod
Route 204 SouthSuper Rod
Route 205 NorthSuper Rod
Route 205 SouthSuper Rod
Route 208Super Rod
Route 209Super Rod
Route 210 SouthSuper Rod
Route 212 NorthSuper Rod
Route 212 SouthSuper Rod
Route 213Super Rod
Route 214Super Rod
Route 218Super Rod
Route 219Super Rod
Route 220Super Rod
Route 221Super Rod
Route 222Super Rod
Route 223Super Rod
Route 224Super Rod
Route 225Super Rod
Route 226Super Rod
Route 227Super Rod
Route 228Super Rod
Route 229Super Rod
Route 230Super Rod
Sendoff SpringSuper Rod
Sunyshore CitySuper Rod
Twinleaf TownSuper Rod
Valley WindworksSuper Rod
Victory Road B1FSuper Rod
Victory Road Nat Dex Area B1FSuper Rod

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This guide outlined where to find Shiny Gyarados in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl in the wild. 

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