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The Top 10 Dumbest Pokémon (Completely Useless)

From Pikachu to Charizard, the Pokemon franchise is home to some of the best monster designs. If not for these dashing Pokemon and their personality, the anime would never be as successful as it is today. But a very small group of Pokemon are not only silly in design but are outright useless. These Pokemon make you think about the developers’ thoughts while creating them. It’s not only about how they are designed but also how their personality is built. 

In this article, we talk about the ten dumbest Pokemon to ever grace the franchise. So get ready to chuckle at the sheer stupidity of these Pokemon. 


Although Magikarp evolves into a powerful Gyarados, it still does not make up for the stupidity it exudes. Magikarp is just useless. The only attack it knows is Splash, which does nothing literally. You encounter them at the most unexpected moments, and when even when you defeat them, they do not reward you with much experience. It’s funny how some NPCs in the game are crazy enough to own four-five Magikarp. What a waste of Pokeballs!


If you thought Magikarp was bad, wait until you meet its brother Feebas. Feebas is pretty much a clone of Magikarp. However, unlike Magikarp, Feebas is very difficult to find. It only appears on six of the 436 water blocks on Route 119 in Pokémon Rubies and Sapphire. Even if you are lucky enough to discover one of the suitable tiles, the encounter chance is just 50%. You would have to spend hours of your playtime to find this dumb Pokemon. But if you do find it, it is fairly easy to catch. 


At first glance, this Pokemon does not look so dumb. It looks kind of cute and has a unique design. But except for the memorable design, there is nothing else to be excited about. While the Pokemon is certainly adorable, most pokemon trainers will probably leave it at their BOX1 after grinding that heart scale from it. It has poor attacking and defensive stats, and it also has no evolved form. With such poor stats, this heart gets broken by everything and everyone. 


The design makes me uncomfortable! It is a Ground/Electric-Type flat fish. Why is it not of the Ground/Water-Type? Who knows? Other Ground-Types are way superior to it in battle, and it cannot learn any useful moves to defeat powerful opponents. Maybe Stunfisk might truly matter to some trainers if it didn’t look so awful. Just look at those eyes—- horrible!


After more than two decades of waiting, Dunsparce finally got its deserved evolution. However, even that couldn’t pull it out of this list. Dunsparce is still one of the lamest Pokemon to own. It’s only a normal type of Pokemon. I just don’t understand why it wouldn’t be a bug or flying type. While it is a pretty uncommon Pokemon, it is not as difficult to locate as Feebas. Its move set is fairly limited, and its stats are just average. Due to Dunsparce’s narrow moves set, its ability Serene Grace, which doubles the chances of secondary effects of moves, is not particularly helpful. This makes it one of the useless Pokemon with very few redeeming qualities. 


Sunkern is a pitiful Pokémon in every way. It looks ridiculous and serves no use in a battle. It moves slowly and has very poor basic stats. Its evolutionary form does not do justice either. Sunflora, the evolved form, has a decent amount of potential, but the problem is every other Grass-type Pokemon would be significantly superior to it in every aspect. 


Dellibird looks kind of fun but serves no competitive value. It has no evolution and is an Ice/flying type Pokemon with no unique abilities. It’s pretty slow, has a terrible defense, and is a really badly designed Pokemon overall. While it does seem entertaining, most trainers unanimously overlook this Pokemon. However, the paradox Pokemon based on Dellibird called Iron Bundle is pretty badass and is nothing like Dellibird at all. 


When I first saw Spidops, it looked pretty menacing to me. However, it just doesn’t have the stats it deserves. Moreover, Spidop’s ability, Stakeout, seems excellent in certain circumstances at first, but due to its very terrible Speed and move set, it is difficult to convince people to choose it instead of something like Lokix. Early-game bug Pokemon are usually weak. However, they evolve into something charming. But Spidops is far from endearing. Although it is obviously meant to be a spider, I can’t help but think of Octodad whenever I see it.


In the vibrant area of Alola, even the most bizarre Pokemon tend to blend in. Nonetheless, Bruxish is unquestionably the strangest and poorest of the group. This is despite possessing a move pool, stat line, and ability that are all truly fantastic. It has so many wonderful attributes that aren’t inherent in its design. When I first saw this Pokémon, I assumed it was a meme; nevertheless, it is both very real and very ugly.


Honestly, food Pokemons were always kind of weird. But Vanilluxe takes the stupidity to a level further. My disliking for Vaniluxe is not because it is an ice cream and a Pokemon but because of how stupid it looks. Vanilluxe is still terrible, even if you overlook the ice cream component. Its faces are really terrifying. t offers the weakest justification for the idea that symmetry is attractive. We want Pokemon to be dashing and badass, not edible. 


The Pokemon World is vast, each with its special traits, weaknesses, and strengths. Although certain Pokemon have gained popularity among players and become recognizable emblems of the series, others have been demoted to the bottom of the totem pole and are often regarded as some of the silliest animals in the game. Whether it’s because of their lack of good stats or their evolutionary stage, these Pokemon have gained their place in the Hall of Shame.

 Nonetheless, the peculiarities of these Pokemon surely make the franchise more fun and eccentric. The Pokemon series wouldn’t be the same without its diverse cast, including the most famous and powerful Pokemon and the lame and funny ones. But whatever you do, remember the list of the top 10 dumbest Pokemon and think twice before catching ’em all. 

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