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Fallout 4: How to Find Every Chem Station (Sanctuary, Castle, etc)

This page contains information on Fallout 4 Sanctuary Chem Station.  

Chem stations are vital components of the game because they allow players to create items such as beverages, medicine, grenades, mines, syringer ammo, and stimpanks. When the chem station is located in one of the settlements, what is contained there is shared with the workshop’s location and crafting stations.

There are two types of chemistry stations: the L shape variant and the Boiler variant. The L shape variant materials include glass, rubber, screw, steel, and wood. Its requirements include having a workshop and being a ranked 2 Local Leader. The Boiler variant needs copper, glass, rubber, screw, steel, and wood materials. Its requirements are having a workshop and being a ranked two member of the Local Leader.

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Chemistry Station Locations

When you are at the second rank of the Local Leader, the Sole Survivor can make chemist stations in different settlements. However, some locations have pre-existing chemistry stations. These locations include the Castle within the corridor next to the workshop, Greentop Nursery at the front of the main building, Sanctuary Hills, which are found at the second house West of the road from the bridge, Abernathy Farm, which is found on the Eastern side of the main building.

The Diamond City Market has two locations for the chemistry stations. One is the Mega surgery center on the right of the entrance, and the other is in the Science! Center close to the Dugout Inn.

Chemistry Station Recipes

The Acid Soaker ammo is available together with the Nuka-World add-on. Items needed include acid, adhesives, and glass. It also requires 11 XP to manufacture the acid.

Many drugs are also made in the chemistry station and are commonly known as chems in the Commonwealth. Each drug requires specific items and XP to produce. The Berry Mentats drug requires 10XP, an anti-freeze bottle, mentats, and tarberry. Overdrive is also a common drug, requiring 10XP, acid, nuka-cola, and psycho to manufacture. Another prominent drug is Ultra Jet, which requires 10 XP, bloodleaf, fertilizer, jet, and plastic.

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