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How to Get Bot Lobbies in Fortnite

This page contains information on how to get bot lobbies in Fortnite.

Bot lobbies are matches whereby the game is entirely comprised of bots instead of playing with human players. Bot lobbies in Fortnite are an excellent way for new and experienced players to sharpen their skills and complete various challenges.

The first step you need to do is to have two Fornite enables devices and Epic Games accounts. The second device must be linked to another account that is in level 1, hence it has not earned any XP or participated in any of the matches.

The next step is to create a new Epic Games account and log in to the second device. Afterward, add the secondary account as your friend and invite them to your party. Click manage on the home screen and select them as party leaders.

The next step is to start a duos match and use the other account to leave it before it begins. This should lead you into a lobby with bots because, for most new players, their first match is always against bots.

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Advantages of Bot Lobbies in Fortnite

Bot lobbies are helpful when trying to complete new challenges. Some challenges can get your player easily killed. Using bot lobbies enables you to land carefree and complete challenges without any competition as well as get a lot of XP in the lobbies. Also, you can increase your number of kills in bot lobbies compared to others.

Despite the fact that players say creating bot lobbies is illegal in the game, it is not. This is because bot lobbies enable players to move quickly across the map, scavenging for easter eggs and winning matches without being too serious. Bot lobbies are an excellent method of finishing quests and leveling up your character’s Battle Passes without facing much competition from human players.

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