Is Craftopia Crossplay in 2023? (Xbox, PC, PS4, PS5)

This page contains information on whether Craftopia is cross-play.

Craftopia is an open-world crafting game whereby characters can explore the map. Players can complete tasks such as working on the land to generate income, building factories for automation, and going to the dungeons in hopes of finding valuable material. Players can also practice fishing as a means of survival. The game combines normal human activities into a fun and exciting game with infinite possibilities.

Is Craftopia Crossplay in 2023?

Fortunately, the game supports cross-platform play. This means players using various platforms can team up and enjoy the game together. For instance, PC players can compete with Xbox One players and vice versa.

The game becoming cross-platform has made it more interactive and fun to play since you can play with friends and other players worldwide. Moreover, the game has created a community of players who can interact and compete with each other, making it easy to find other players with similar skills and gameplay.

Cross-platform play has also increased the number of players in the game since people can enjoy the game with each other irrespective of the platforms.

However, the only platform that does not support cross-platform is Steam. Therefore, Steam players can only team up with players using Steam.


Is Craftopia Crossplay Xbox and PC (Steam)?

Unfortunately, the game is not cross-platform between Xbox and Steam. This is because Steam is the platform used by the game that players cannot play and team up with others who use various platforms. This means that Xbox users cannot play with Steam users and vice versa.

Is Craftopia Crossplay Xbox and PS4/PS5?

Fortunately, the game supports cross-platform between Xbox and PS4/PS5. This means Xbox players can team up and play with those using PS4/PS5 and vice versa. This feature has made the game more fun and exciting since friends using either of the consoles can compete against each other.

 Is Craftopia Crossplay PC and PS4/PS5?

Luckily, the game supports cross-platform play between PC and PS4/PS5. This means PC players can play with players using PS4 or PS5 and vice versa.

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Is Craftopia Cross-Generation?

Fortunately, the game supports cross-generation. This means that players using an older console version can play with players who use a newer version. For instance, players using PS4 can play with players using PS5, while players using Xbox One can play with players using Xbox Series X/S and vice versa.

Can I Transfer My Craftopia Progress Between Platforms?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to transfer progress from one platform to another. For instance, if you are a PC player and want to switch to playing with a PS4, you cannot transfer your progress, data, or achievements from your PC to your PS4. Therefore, you must start the game afresh and save your new progress from the current console.

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