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Jetpack Joyride Glitches (How-to Guide)

This page contains information on Jetpack Joyride glitches.

One of the most popular mobile games is Jetpack Joyride. It was developed by Halfbrick Studios and entailed the main character, Barry Steakfries, who enters a lab and takes off with a jetpack. He tries to fly as far away as possible and avoid the many obstacles along the way. He must also collect coins and finish missions and objectives as he escapes.

However, the popular mobile game is known for its various glitches that players can exploit. These glitches exhibit intriguing perplexity and burstiness qualities that enrich the player’s experience.

Endless Spin Glitch

One of the typical glitches is the Endless Spin Glitch. It enables the player’s character to spin endlessly without succumbing to gravity. To execute this glitch, players must exercise precision by jumping at the screen’s edge while performing a spin. Such precision may require a few attempts to perfect, but once achieved, the player can proceed to collect coins and power-ups without falling.

Missions Glitch

Another glitch is the Missions Glitch, which allows players to complete missions without meeting the requirements. This implies that players can collect four coins even when the mission requires 5. To execute the Missions Glitch, players must gather four coins, exit the game, and reopen it. The game would acknowledge the coins gathered in the previous game and consider them part of the current game, accepting them as the requirement for the mission.

Wall Glitch

Another glitch is the Wall Glitch allows players to bypass walls and obstacles in the game. The player’s character can permeate through the wall by swiftly tapping the screen after jumping toward the wall or obstacle. It’s essential to note that exploiting these glitches may be categorized as cheating, resulting in expulsion from the game. In any case, the game developers typically fix these glitches with subsequent updates, making it uncertain whether inevitable glitches would continue to work in the future.

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