The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3: Fencing Lessons Bug (Solved)

This page contains information on the Witcher 3 Fencing Lessons bug.

The Fencing Lessons quest bug can be very annoying. It happens when the player reaches the objective, requiring the character to head to the marked area and wait for their opponent, but due to the bug, nothing happens afterward.


How to Fix Fencing Lessons Bug

To solve the issue, there are some measures you can take. The first thing you can do is reload a recent save. This is one of the most accessible solutions for bugs in the game. Reload a file that was saved recently before the start of the quest, and restart the quest again.

The other solution is to wait for several in-game hours. Doing this can lead to the event being triggered. Locate a safe spot in the game and meditate for a few hours before trying the quest again. Additionally, you can use your Witcher senses before going to the marked area to check if anything is missing.

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Moreover, you can try walking instead of running to the marked area. Running can cause the trigger not to be activated. Walking will do the trick and activate the trigger.

Witcher 3 Fencing Lessons Romance

In the Fencing Lessons quest, Geralt is allowed to flirt with Rosa var Attre, the daughter of a prosperous trader. Suppose your character chooses to proceed with a romantic relationship with Rosa.

In that case, he can continue flirting with her and finish various quests related to her family’s businesses. Geralt will automatically be in a relationship with Rosa by doing these quests. However, it is worth noting that Geralt doesn’t need to initiate a romantic relationship with Rosa to finish the Fencing Lessons quest.  

Witcher 3 Fencing Lessons Best Choice

Fencing lessons, ALL Choices

There are three best choices in the quest. The first choice is to train with Master Ravik. He will be able to teach you the basics of fencing and give you an ability point. This option is excellent if you want to focus on your combat skills.

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The other option is to train with Young Vincenzo. He is a young boy who dreams of being a fencer. He can teach you some things about parrying and dodging. It is similar to the first choice, except, in this case, you will be offering help to a young boy.

The third option is to skip the lessons. This will lead to you not obtaining any ability points or fencing skills. Of the three choices, the first one is the best choice for your character because it offers the most advantages for perfecting your combat skills.

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