BitLife: How to Complete the Dangerous Woman Challenge

This page contains information on how to complete the Dangerous Woman Challenge in BitLife.

The BitLife Dangerous Woman Challenge is comprised of five tasks that require completion. These tasks are namely: to be born as a female in Miami, become a famous singer, have more than six albums that are certified platinum or higher, call off four or more engagements, and finally complete this challenge before your character hits 30.

How to Complete the Five Steps of the Dangerous Woman Challenge in BitLife

The first task is the easiest of them all. Your character must be born as a female in Miami. When creating your character, set their gender to female, the country as the United States of America, and the place of birth to Miami.

The next task is to become a famous musician. When your character is a child, enroll them in vocal lessons to qualify for auditioning as a band or a solo artist. Your character can also learn a musical instrument. Still, learning the guitar or drum will not contribute to the task. Under the Special Careers, head to the musician category and click on Become a Singer once your character turns 18. Because you need to complete the challenge before your character turns 30, taking music lessons early and becoming a good singer by 18 will make your character more likely to complete the tasks by 30.

After your character becomes a singer, they will need to release albums and have more than six hit songs that are certified platinum. For your character to hit platinum, they need to sell not less than 1,000,000 copies of each album. Hitting platinum takes several years to achieve. Hence releasing albums at 18 will give your character plenty of time to hit platinum.

The fourth task is to call off four or more engagements. Your character needs to become engaged with four different people by proposing or waiting for their proposal. After proposing, instead of planning the wedding, call off the engagement and move on to the next partner.

The final part is to ensure your character completes all four tasks before they hit 30. This requires you to move quickly with a bit of luck. When your character reaches mid 20’s without achieving any platinum album, you may need to start a new character and restart the entire challenge. After completing all these tasks, you will have completed the Dangerous Woman Challenge in BitLife.

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