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CoD: Advanced Warfare vs. Black Ops 3

This article contains information on COD Advanced Warfare vs. Black Ops 3.

One of the main differences between Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare is the inclusion of Specialists in Black Ops 3. In Advanced Warfare, players are given the choice of a stock character. The character you choose has no direct impact on your gameplay because the character will become only a resemblance to you. Advanced Warfare’s characters have no advantages or disadvantages.

However, in Black Ops 3, players select characters known as Specialists. Each Specialist comes with their own personality, exquisite weapons, and other items. One of the primary Specialists is called Ruin. The character is a soldier who likes using the element of surprise to attack enemies. His overdrive ability enables him to head to battle and release a catastrophic shockwave through his Gravity Spikes.

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Thrust and Jetpack

Another difference is the use of thrust and the jetpack. Advances Warfare introduced the jetpack that enables players to move vertically in the air. In Black Ops 3, players can use the thrust, simply a jumping mechanism that allows characters to reach the top places in the game. It does not have similar power to the jetpack and reduces the rate of vertical combat in the game.

Besides Black Ops 3 introducing the thrust, it also has the wall running feature that cannot be found in Advanced Warfare. This feature gives characters access to routes that cannot be found without the wall running feature. It is also risky since some places can be challenging to wall run because they have no landing platforms. However, it gives players a better chance of escaping enemies.

Shooting Mechanics

Another significant difference is the shooting mechanics between these two games. In Advanced Warfare, players cannot shoot at enemies when they are sprinting or in water. However, this is possible in Black Ops 3 since the gun does not face down when sprinting, allowing you to shoot enemies while on the go. Moreover, the game also allows underwater gun fights.

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Advanced Warfare does not have the Demolition Mode, unlike Black Ops 3, which brings back the mode. It is similar to the Search and Destroy mode, with the extra advantage of respawning in the game after being killed. Also, Demolition Mode has three rounds, unlike Search and Destroy, which has six rounds.

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